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  • Why Go Greek? - Delta Zeta

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  • Why Go Greek?

    Provides a Home Away From Home: College can be a daunting part of life for many students, as it can involve leaving family and friends, adapting to a new environment, and dealing with the pressures of school. The brotherhood and sisterhood bonds that are created within Greek organizations are bonds that last a lifetime. The support received within chapters helps in both times of great strength, and in time of great strife. Members of fraternities and sororities don't just call each other brothers and sister for nothing; it is because they are family.

    Philanthropy: Philanthropy is a staple of every Greek organization, as charity and selflessness are important building blocks in all fraternities and sororities. Greek members raise over seven million dollars and volunteer over ten million hours of service a year, creating the largest network of volunteers in the United States.

    Academic Excellence: Through study hours, mentors, and other programming, Greek affiliates consistently achieve higher GPAs than their non-affiliated peers. In the fall of 2012, sorority women received an average GPA of 3.12, while their non-Greek counterparts received an average of 2.56, and fraternity men received an average GPA of 2.80, while their non-Greek counterparts received a 2.42.

    Better Preparation for Life After College: Research has shown that Greek affiliated students feel 10% more prepared for life after college than their non-affiliated peers. Greeks are engaged in their workplaces at a higher rate, 43% to 38%, as well as having a better sense of wellbeing, less financial stress, and better physical health. They are also more likely to have connected with a professor during school and taken part in an internship- two key indicators of future professional accomplishment.

    Networking: Upon joining a Greek organization, a person immediately creates a bond with everyone that has come before them and everyone that will come after. Not only is he/she immediately connected with every member of that Greek organization, but through time will be able to connect with members of other Greek organization, students and faculty from his/her campus, directors of different philanthropies, etc.! These people can be great resources to help with resumes, internships, job opportunities, and planning for the future.


    Why Go Delta Zeta? 

    What better way to find out then to ask some sisters! 

    "I chose Delta Zeta because I loved the idea of volunteer work! I am also a little shy and felt that DZ could break me out of my shell... it worked." -Mariah Lloyd (Fall 2011)

    "I chose Delta Zeta because the moment I walked into the DZ house I felt welcome. I felt that every smile and compliment that came my way was genuine. I felt encouraged and was shown how to reach outside of my comfort zone so I could become a better person in and out of the sorority." -Shelley Sibley (Fall 2012)

    "I chose Delta Zeta because I wanted to join girls with similar values and passions as mine. I continue to choose Delta Zeta because this organization has become my second family and support system." -Cheryl Krinsky (Fall 2013)

    "I chose Delta Zeta because of the opportunity to meet people and serve my community. I chose DZ for the lovely young women I had already met with the knowledge that I would make lifelong friendships with those I'd already met and the ones I'd soon meet. Also because my major is speech and hearing, how perfect is that!" -Katie Hogan (Spring 2015)