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    "To those whom my life my touch in slight measure, May I give graciously, Of what is mine." -Dorothy Mumford Williams

    Philanthropy: Delta Zeta participates in a number of philanthropy projects throughout the year.

    Since 1954, Delta Zeta's national philanthropy has been speech and hearing. There are many ways we support our national philanthropy, one of which is through our philanthropic partner, the Starkey Hearing Foundation. Starkey uses hearing as a vehicle to reflect caring and change lives around the world. The Starkey Hearing Foundation has pledged to provide more than one million hearing aids to people in need this decade and currently gives more than 175,000 hearing aids annually. In order to support their pledge in 2015, Delta Zeta has pledged to raise $5 million over the next five years for speech and hearing, and to donate that amount to the Starkey Hearing Foundation to support them on the their mission.

    The Painted Turtle Camp (PTC) is Delta Zeta's National Service Project, coupled with the sorority's national commitment to support the camp through donations. One way our chapter has supported the Painted Turtle Camp is through decorating CD cases, which are sent home with campers and contain a CD full of pictures of their adventures at camp. Feel free to visit their page at

    Sisterhood: It is impossible to be in a sorority and not have sisterhood, which is a bond between two or more girls, not necessarily by blood. "Sisterhoods" are when we take some time to relax, bond, and have fun together. In the past we have held movie nights, went on scavenger hunts, done spa treatments, gone on field trips, and even gone on weekend long camping trips!

    100% Involvement: Delta Zeta has a 100% involvement policy, which means that all members must be involved in at least one other student organization at MSUM besides Delta Zeta. We pride ourselves on being leaders and being involved in a wide variety of activities on campus. Not only is this positive for the Theta Nu chapter, but it enriches every member's college experience.

    Socials: The college experience is about meeting new people and having fun! Not only do we love getting to know the other Greek organizations on our campus, but at NDSU as well! We've been able to go volunteering, play board games, eat Thanksgiving dinner, and more! In the spring we host our annual Killarney Ball, where we reunite with alumni, eat a delicious dinner, give out some awards, and dance the night away!