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Delta Zeta

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    A Sorority is Founded

    In 1902 Dr. Guy Potter Benton, President of Miami University in Oxford Ohio, opened the gates of his university to women for the first time in full academic course. Among the first to attend classes at the university, six women were about to write a new chapter in Miami University history.

    Miss Alfa Lloyd, a coed at the university, hosted a party at her home for her five friends. Miss Lloyd, along with Julia Bishop, Mary Collins, Mabelle Minton, Anna Keen, and Anne Simmons began to plan their sorority. They chose the name Alpha Delta Zeta and began to decide colors, flowers, and an emblem. While forming their sorority, the women knew they would need the guidance of a friendly council, and Dr. Benton was ready to help. He gave the girls all the wisdom, inspiration, and guidance they needed to begin.

    On October 24th, 1902, Misses Lloyd, Bishop, Collins, Minton, Keen, and Simmons officially became the Women of Delta Zeta, whose purpose was:

    "To build up the character and cultivate the truest friendship among its members. To stimulate one another it the pursuit of knowledge and attainment of high standards of morality: to inculcate elevated sentiments and noble principles and to afford each other every possible assistance and to incite all the attainment of a memorable fame."

    Our Local History

    Four women attending Moorhead Normal School often talked about starting a society or sorority at the school. Their society, promoting scholarship, friendship, school spirit, and social activity would be called Gamma Neche. The four women, and their six friends, created Gamma Neche by using the initial of each charter member.

    On February 12th, 1909, with the help of Dr. Frank Weld and Miss Abbie Louise Day, Gamma Neche (later Gamma Nu) became a reality. They chose the colors gold and white to represent Worth and Purity, their flowers were Jonquils and Narcissus, and for their motto they chose the Latin "Mathe E Apithi" - "Learn or Depart".

    On November 23rd, 1963, the sorority became the third chapter of Delta Zeta to be installed in the state of Minnesota. The Theta Nu chapter still stands today as an organization of strong women promoting high social, academic, and moral standard by doing their part to improve the school and community.