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    How much does it cost to be a member: The Greek experience is an investment into your future. The leadership skills, academic assistance, and friendships will benefit you beyond your college days. Joining a fraternity or sorority does carry a financial commitment. Each chapter is self-supporting through the dues paid by members. Membership dues go to services that directly support the betterment of the chapter and the national organization.
    If I go through recruitment, will i have to join: No. Recruitment is an excellent way to find out more about fraternities and sororities and to meet many new people. Many first year students participate their first semester, while others wait until their second semester or second year.
    I can't make some of recruitment, can I sill join: Yes, with a little adjustment. If you have a scedule conflict please speak with your recruitment leaders or campus Greek life advisor so that a schedule can be worked out for you.
    Can I join as a first year student: Yes! Formal recruitment for women looking to join a Panhellenic chapter takes place in the fall. First year students are eligible to participate in recruitment and join a chapter at any point in their college career.
    Will joining a sorority or fraternity affect my grades: Joining a chapter is a large time commitment; however, time management and scholarship are emphasized. Many organizations hold study hours, not only for their prospective and new members, but also for their initiated members, to ensure they continue to focus on their academics.
    What can I get out of Greek life that I would not get our of any other college organization: Joining a sorority or fraternity helps develop life-long friendships, creates a home away from home, and improves leadership skills.
    What is the new member process like: Each sorority has its own new member program. The purpose of a new member program is to educate a new member on his or her organization's values and history. The programs are fun and interesting and often lead up to initiation into the organization.
    Is it a big time commitment: All Greek organizations have their own requirements regarding attendance while still allowing for busy schedules, as they understand that people are busy with school, work, and other commitments. Most Greek organizations hold mandatory weekly meetings, along with other mandatory events throughout the semester.