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  • Thesis/Plan B

Master of Science in Counseling & Student Affairs

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  • Thesis/Plan B

    Plan A - Thesis Option

    The thesis is an original or replication research effort. The thesis usually includes a hypothesis or hypotheses or research question or questions. Design may be qualitative or quantitative in nature. Qualitative theses may include experimental and control groups, the collection of data to confirm or deny the hypotheses, and the statistical analysis of the data. Use of existing or article data is also encouraged. Theses follow the traditional five-chapter format. At least three copies of your thesis are bound and given to the director, your advisor and the library. A face-to-face proposal and defense is required with the committee members. 

    Plan B - Analysis of Self

    The purpose of the Analysis of Self portfolio is to assist students in the Counseling and Student Affairs program with developing self-awareness, thus leading to the provision of more effective therapeutic services to others. This notion, that knowing oneself as a therapist establishes the conditions for a solid therapeutic relationship and promotes a healing environment conducive to client change, is widely accepted in the counseling field (e.g. Corey, G., 2009; Ivey, A. et al, 2007; Seligman, L. and Reichenberg, L.W., 2010). In order to complete this portfolio and to gain an understanding of how their ‘person’ impacts who they are as a therapist, students will draw from a reflection of their personal experiences, personality/cognitive assessment, the perspectives of others, and their coursework. 

    Plan B - Proposal Plan

    The capstone of a student affairs master’s program, and to lesser degree the two counseling programs, lends itself easily to a student program plan. It is a direct application of the program’s course work. In addition, it gives graduating students a platform to demonstrate their skills and expertise to prospective employers. There is appropriate and contextualized data collection, interpretation, and evaluation imbedded in the project.

    Plan B - Student Curriculum Development Plan

    The capstone of all the master’s program tracks in CNSA lends itself easily to a Curriculum Materials Development project. It could be a direct response to much of the program’s course work, as well as an aid to the institution as a whole. In addition, it gives graduating students a platform to demonstrate their skills and expertise to prospective employers. Also, the experience of developing course materials might be valuable to CNSA students considering teaching in higher education, conduction workshops and training colleagues. 

    Plan B - Professional Article

    The Professional Article is an original article to be submitted to a Peer-Reviewed Professional journal. Students should first pick, and have a targeted journal approved by their advisor. Design is open. Consequently, original data analysis, analysis of pre-existing data, new programs, theoretical pieces, innovative ideas and others can be considered. 

    * Stop by the Counseling and Student Affairs office to view examples of former student's Thesis/Plan B projects