Counseling & Student Affairs Scholarships

  • MSUM offers a variety of Counseling & Student Affairs scholarships for current and incoming students. Scholarships are listed below. Students can also apply for general university scholarships through the Office of Scholarship & Financial Aid.

    Distinction in Engagement Scholarship

    The Counseling and Student Affairs (CNSA) Program offers two $500 scholarships each fall semester. Scholarships will be awarded during the annual CNSA Alumni Social to be used for the spring semester.

    Graduate students who have been accepted into the CNSA program and have completed one semester in the program will be eligible to apply for the scholarship. Students will submit an application outlining their contributions in the three categories listed below, a resume, and a 350-word statement indicating their interest in Counseling and Student Affairs and their future career plans. All application materials should be submitted to the CNSA office by November 15th.

    A committee comprised of the CNSA faculty and two CNSA alumni will select the recipients of the two $500 scholarships. Scholarship decisions will be based on the following criteria: GPA, engagement in service and experience, and potential for success in the fields of counseling and/or student affairs.


    • Applicants must be graduate students who have been accepted into the CNSA program
    • Eligible applicants must have completed at least one semester in the CNSA graduate program

    Category 1

    Engagement in Service to the Counseling and Student Affairs Profession

    Student Learning Outcome: Students will develop a deeper knowledge of their profession through study and/or experiences beyond the classroom.

    Suggested Activities:

    • Present at a state, regional or national conference
    • Present on your research within a community
    • Year-long commitment on a committee within MSUM (Outside of the CNSA program)
    • Serve on a committee within your field (Minimum of 1 semester)
    • Develop a program to enhance your field

    Category 2

    Engagement in Service to CNSA Colleagues and CNSA Program

    Student Learning Outcome: Students will develop a greater sense of belonging to the CNSA community by providing service to their colleagues.

    Suggested Activities:

    • Volunteer as a Graduate Peer Advisor
    • Volunteer to help with at least three admissions interviews
    • Serve as an elected member on CSAO
    • Serve on one of the committees for CSAO
    • Develop new program/method that enhances the CNSA experience

    Category 3

    Engagement in Service within the MSUM Service Area Community (15-hour minimum)

    Student Learning Outcome: Students will develop an understanding of the needs of others.

    Suggested Activities:

    • Volunteer with an organization that assists people with a variety of needs. Examples of such organizations include: Metro Youth Partnership, Volunteer Visions, Meals on Wheels, FirstLink, Big Brother/Big Sister program, Dorothy Day House, Great Plains Food Bank, Churches United for the Homeless, YWCA shelter, Rape and Abuse Crisis Center, Minn-kota Chapter of the American Red Cross, ND March of Dimes and People Escaping Poverty Project.