Undergraduate & Graduate Personal Property or Service Charge Rates

  • Depending on the courses taken, you may also be assessed a personal property or service charge.

    The rate reflected below are for the 2017-2018 academic year.

    Course Charge per course Purpose
    ART 125 $50.00 Field trip
    ART 234, 497
    $60.00 Field trip
    ART 306A $140.00 clay, glaze, supplies, slips
    ART 311
    $75.00 clay, glaze, earthenware
    ART 450 $60.00

    Field trip

    ART 490      $100.00 Field trip
    CJ 290      $150.00   Ambulance equipment rental for first responder certification
    MUS 150C, 150D, 154A, 154B, 155A, 155J, 156A, 156B, 156C, 156D, 156E, 157A, 157B, 157C, 157D, 157E, 158A, 158B, 158C, 158D, 158E, 158F, 159, 254, 255A, 255B, 255J, 256A, 256B, 256C, 256D, 256E, 257A, 257B, 257C, 257D, 257E, 258A, 258B, 258C, 258D, 258E, 258F, 270, 259, 354, 355A, 355B, 355J, 356A, 356B, 356C, 356D, 356E, 357A, 357B, 357C, 357D, 357E, 358A, 358B, 358C, 358D, 358E, 358F, 359, 450, 454, 455A, 455B, 455J, 456A, 456B, 456C, 456D, 456E, 457A, 457B, 457C, 457D, 457E, 458A, 458B, 458C, 458D, 458E, 458F, 459, 550, 650, 655A $250.00 Private music lessons