Graduate Differential Tuition Rates

Depending on the graduate program or courses taken, you may also be charged a differential tuition fee per credit.

The costs below are for academic year 2021 spring and summer.

Program or Course Differential Tuition per Credit Purpose
Biology $25 Supplies, equipment and learning assistants
Chemistry $15.00 Lab supplies
Communications $6.00 Software and databases
COUN 669A, 669D, 669E $50.00 Stipend for supervisors as part of internship program
COUN 691A, 691D, 691E $25.00 Stipend for Practicum Supervisor
ED 794 Practicum $12.00 Educational leadership accreditation
GEOS $5.00 Lab and field supplies
MATH (all MATH rubric) $5.00 Tutoring, learning assistants and upper level software
MUS 620, 634, 635, 636, 637 $40.00 Equipment, supplies, music lessons, guest artists and software
MHA 615 $5.00 Databases
MHA 692B $16.66 Capstone coordination/accreditation needs
Online Courses $55.00 Software & databases
Physical Education (all PE rubric courses) $5.00 Equipment
PSY 620 $6.00 Test Protocols
PSY 622 $35.00 Test Protocols
PSY 641, 642 $25.00 Stipend for Practicum Supervisor
PSY 723 $10.00 Test Protocols
PSY 724 $5.00 Test Protocols
SLP 646 $25.00 Equipment and one-to-one supervision
SPED 567A, 668B, 668C, 668D, 668E, 668I, 668P $25.00 Direct observation of practicum