All monies received by the University shall be deposited daily, unless such receipts are less than $1000 in which event deposits may be deferred until they total such sum, per Minnesota State System Board Policy 7.5, Part 2, subpart C. All deposits for MSU Moorhead accounts are brought to the cashiers at the MSU Moorhead Business Services, Owens Hall, first floor (Administration Building). Please provide your account number and object code number(s) so that the deposit is credited in the right account. The account numbers should be on the checks on the left bottom or top of the check. A deposit total should be furnished for all checks, currency and coin. If possible an itemize listing of check amounts and total should be turned in with the checks (a calculator tape will do).

A receipt for the deposit will be given if the depositor can wait. If a cashier is not available or busy you may leave the deposit, but be sure to indicate where you would like the receipt sent.

We can not accept two party checks for deposits unless it is from a parent or guardian to pay tuition and fees. All checks should be made out to MSU Moorhead or Minnesota State University Moorhead, endorsement will not be required.

If you have any questions please feel free to call Business Services and we will assist you.