Cellular & Other Mobile Computing Devices

Summary of compliance responsibilities under System procedure 5.22.2 Cellular and Other Mobile Computing Devices.


  • Ensure that the device is available for service during applicable business hours and as needed.
  • Monthly: review and initial the cellular device invoice monthly and identify any use not permitted; submit invoice to supervisor.
  • Immediately return the device upon request by the employee's supervisor or upon the end of employment.
  • Comply with the provisions in System Procedure 5.22.2 Cellular and Other Mobile Computing Devices.


  • Monthly review employee’s cell phone bill.
  • Annually review need for cell phone, plans and level of service; document continued business need using Initial Authorization & Annual Review form.
  • Maintain documentation of initial authorization and annual review.
  • Arrange for plan termination when business need no longer exists.
  • Ensure device returned upon plan termination or upon end of employee’s employment.

Senior Administrator

  • Annually review need for cell phone and any service plan.


  • Arrange for device and plan.