Cash Handling Policy & Procedure

  • Ensure cash and or cash equivalents are, at all times, properly safeguarded from loss or misuse in a safe, vault, secured locked file cabinet, locked cash drawers or locked bags.
  • Ensure two or more qualified and authorized personnel are involved in the activities related to the collection, handling, depositing and accounting processes. Handling of cash, record keeping and reconciliation should be assigned to different people.
  • Ensure cash and or cash equivalents collected and reported are deposited accurately to Business Services daily, unless such receipts are less than $1,000, in which the deposit may be deferred until the sum is $1,000. If cash and or cash equivalents are held over a weekend, the deposit must be made on Monday of the following week unless under $1,000.
  • Cash and cash equivalents are the responsibility of the department until deposited by Business Services.
  • Public Safety may be contacted to escort larger sums of money to and from Business Services.

Cash Box Requests

  • Department supervisor must approve the cash request and have knowledge of how the cash will be handled and safeguarded.
  • A recommended beginning cash drawer/bag is $100. Another individual authorized by the department supervisor may replenish the cash drawer/bags upon the need.