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School of Communication & Journalism

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  • About Communication Studies

    Today’s world demands professionals who can communicate clearly and work effectively with others. Today’s world requires that we evaluate messages and make good decisions based on what we see and hear. Today’s world needs leaders who have clear visions for the future and the ability to make those visions reality.

    Communication is at the core of our work, community, and personal relationships. A major or minor from the Communication Studies Department will provide you with a solid foundation of skill sets to help you supervise people and projects, promote ideas and products, relate to co-workers,  customers or the community, solve problems, resolve issues and use other communication-related skills across a variety of career paths.

    As a student in our department, you'll receive the following benefits:

    • Gain critical communication skills that employers demand.
    • Work closely with well-qualified faculty. Our advisor to student ratio is about 10 to 1, so we know you personally.
    • Work closely with other students. Most of our students take all of their courses together, so you get to know them well.
    • Learn in technologically-advanced classrooms that include a portable computer lab, audio/visual projection equipment, and personal response units.
    • Take advantage of department scholarship offerings. Each year, we award more than $2,000 to students in scholarships.