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    A 300-hour required internship not only gives you real-works experience as a construction management professional, but many employers consider internship experience in the hiring process and often look to their own interns as the best candidates for full-time positions.

    The Construction Management program implemented the internship requirement more than 10 years ago. Since then, over 400 students have interned at more than 150 construction companies in approximately 30 states. Students are paid during their internship and are usually compensated for out-of-region travel costs. Most students intern in the tri-state area and participate in an array of projects, including highways, wind farms, power plants, water treatment plants and light rail projects, as well as major commercial and industrial construction projects.

    Internship Sites

    Examples of Earned Internships for Construction Management Students Summer 2015

    Company Name

    Company Name

    Nor-Son Inc.



    Fehn Companies

    Mechanical Systems Inc.

    Sellin Brothers Inc.

    Sheyenne Concrete

    Tecta America

    Moore Engineering

    Dietrich Construction

    Ryan Construction

    Lead Core

    Veit Inc.

    Eagle Builders

    RJM Construction