• Chemisty & Biochemistry Scholarships

Chemistry & Biochemistry

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  • Chemistry and Biochemistry Scholarships

    The Chemistry Department offers talented students with an interest in chemistry or biochemistry & biotechnology a scholarship that nearly matches the university’s automatic freshman scholarships for students who meet class rank and ACT guidelines, $1000-1500. A separate application is required for students applying for the matching Chemistry Department scholarships.

    Scholarship application information will be emailed to students enrolled in Chemistry and Biochemistry. Additional information may be posted in the department.

    Students can also apply for general university scholarships through the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office.

    Currently Enrolled MSUM students eligibility:

    1. Applicants must be enrolled in General Chemistry.
    2. Applicants must be enrolled in Organic Chemistry I next fall.
    3. Eligible Candidates must be a declared Chemistry or Biochemistry & Biotechnology major.

    Scholarships Offered

    Ben McCashland Endowed Scholarship

    Sol Shulman Endowed Scholarship

    Jerome E. Swanson Chemistry Endowed Scholarship

    Biochemistry and Biotechnology Industry Scholarship

    Summary of available chemistry scholarships

    Chemistry department scholarship application form