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  • Engineering Dual Degree

Engineering Dual Degree

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  • Engineering Dual Degree Program

    MSUM’s Engineering Dual Degree program gives students a distinctly competitive advantage: 2 degrees from 2 institutions in 5 years. It arms students with two highly desired degrees that offer above average starting salaries in fields that are expanding.

    To obtain the dual degree:

    • Take 3 years of coursework at MSUM: Complete your liberal arts and sciences curriculum AND take preliminary coursework toward a degree in mathematics, physics or chemistry.
    • Transfer to the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities (U of M).
    • Take 2 years of coursework at U of M: Complete your engineering degree.
    • Graduate from MSUM with a degree in mathematics, physics or chemistry AND graduate from your transfer school with an engineering degree in your chosen specialty.

    Benefits of a Dual Degree

    MSUM classes are small and student focused, benefiting students who are exploring an engineering degree, those who want personalized teaching, and those in advanced mathematics and science courses.

    Dual degree graduates are highly distinguishable and generally more marketable since they bring additional skill sets from two challenging curricula. They also gain more in-depth exposure to a particular subject area (i.e. biomedical engineering, chemical engineering, biosystem engineering, aerospace engineering, etc.)

    MSUM prepares students for successful transfer to the U of M, with 100% of our dual degree applicants completing their engineering degrees at their transfer institutions. MSUM is one of only 39 schools in the country to be an engineering dual degree partner with the U of M, which is ranked 27th in the country.  

    While the Engineering Dual Degree is a preferred track for students considering a career in one of many engineering fields, our pre-engineering students also successfully transfer to other institutions, such as University of Minnesota-Duluth, Minnesota State University Mankato and Texas A & M.

    For more information about an engineering dual degree:

    Asoka Marasinghe
    , Chemistry:, 218.477.2277
    Jeff Bodwin, Chemistry:, 218.477.4371
    Adam Goyt, Mathematics Department:, 218.477.2206
    Matthew Craig, Physics:, 218.477.2439
    Steve Lindaas, Physics & Astronomy:, 218.477.4268