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  • Lommen Hall - Then and Now

    Lommen Hall is one of four buildings built in the aftermath of the 1930 fire that destroyed the original college building. Built as the campus Training School in 1932, the building has served as the center of teaching education ever since. In 1972, the building was renamed Lommen Hall in honor of Georgina Lommen, director of the campus school from 1923 to 1943. Architect: C. H. Johnston, St. Paul. Building completed: 1932, rededicated: 1972. In 2009 funding was secured to do much needed renovation of the building, which was completed in 2011.


    Lommen Before and After - 1

    Lommen Before and After - 2

    Lommen Before and After - 3

    Lommen Before and After - 4

    Lommen Before and After - 5