• MSU Moorhead's Campus CARE Team provides faculty, staff and students a resource to contact if they have concerns about a student. In order to provide an efficient and effective response based on the needs of the individual student and the University community, the team meets weekly to consult about the best way to help referred students.

    When to Call

    There are many reasons why faculty, staff or students might refer a student to the CARE Team. Some of the reasons (but not all of them) include: suicide ideation, depression, substance abuse, disruptive behavior in class, making violent statements, feeling threatened by a student, and concerns for a student's welfare.

    What to Expect

    If you contact a member of the CARE Team to refer a student you can expect the following:

    • We take referrals seriously.
    • Each response is different depending on the needs of the student referred and the situation.
    • You may be contacted by a member of the Care Team to get more information or clarification regarding your referral.
    • While we follow the guidelines set forth by FERPA and Minnesota Data Practices and the professional principles of confidentiality, all of these guidelines allow information disclosure in cases where the health and safety of a University community member may be at risk.

    If this is a matter that needs immediate attention because of concerns of health and/or safety, please contact MSUM Public Safety at 218.477.2449.