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College of Arts, Media & Communication

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  • About the College of Arts, Media and Communication

    The MSUM College of Arts, Media, and Communication studies human identity and experience through a wide range of curricular offerings, community events, and scholarship and creative activity.

    The College prepares tomorrow’s leaders to be informed and educated lifelong learners and world citizens. This is the heart of our endeavor. Through a rigorous and innovative liberal arts education, our students investigate the core questions of human experience, such as ethics, aesthetics, culture, and epistemology. Our courses teach the important skills of critical thinking, communication, and cultural sensitivity. Student knowledge is applied across a variety of contexts to create versatile learners for a world that is constantly changing.

    We provide venues through which students and community members can reflect on the artistic, social, and cultural dimensions of their lives. The College aspires to be the largest, most significant, and most diverse arts and humanities organization in the region, through its high-quality lectures and visual, performing, and literary arts events.

    The College faculty have opportunities to develop their knowledge, talent and skills so they can enrich the community with their creative and scholarly work.

    The College taps the philanthropy of its alums and supporters, welcoming their financial and volunteer contributions.

    By learning from the past, we enrich the present while preparing our students to be future leaders in their careers and communities.