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School of Media Arts & Design

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  • Join a Student Organization to Enhance Your Skills

    Student organizations within the School of Media Arts & Design will not only enrich your college experience, they are essential for your professional development. Skills developed through co-curricular involvement combined with the knowledge gained in the classroom will better equip you to navigate seamlessly into the professional world.

    Some of the benefits of co-curricular involvement:

    • Networking with students, professionals and/or alumni may lead to future career opportunities.
    • Learning essential leadership, organization, problem solving, communication and management skills will greatly improve your marketability.
    • Joining professional student organizations exposes you to real-world work and prepares you for life beyond graduation.
    • Enjoying the sense of achievement and personal growth will make you a more confident and secure professional.
    • Building friendships and connections with like-minded peers brings balance and value to your life.

    School of Media Arts & Design Student Organizations

  • Cinethusiasts

    The Cinethusiasts is a group for filmmakers and film lovers dedicated to activities in film production, networking and screenings. Members attend film festivals, host an annual Academy Awards party, participate in the national 48 Hour Film Project and more. Visit us on Facebook.

    The Film Loop

    The Film Loop is dedicated to film discussion, film criticism and debate. Members are encouraged to contribute to The Film Loop Journal and the college radio program. Discussions may include everything from animation to Hollywood remakes. We also invite students to present scripts or unfinished films for critique. Visit us on Facebook.

  • Student Video

    Ivan Clow, Film Studies Major

    Ivan Clow Thumb
  • Media Arts & Design Scholarships
    Alumni Summit
    Alumni Summit - highlight
  • Student Video

    Sarah Palm, Film Studies Major

    Sarah Palm