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    Refund of Tuition/Fees Dues to Withdrawal

    MSUM will refund a percentage of tuition and fees to the student and/or the student’s financial aid funding sources when the student totally withdraws from the University.

    NOTE: Refunds of tuition and fees due to individual dropped courses will be granted only for drops occurring in the first five (5) days of the semester.

    Students who withdraw from all courses or discontinue enrollment during the Fall or Spring semesters should begin the process at the Academic Support Center. Those students who wish to withdraw during the Summer Sessions should report to the Records Office, Owens Hall 104.

    Refunds of tuition and fees for total withdrawals from the University are based on the following schedules as established by the MnSCU Board and the University:

    • Fall and Spring Semesters
      • 1st through 5th business day of term 100%
      • 6th through 10th business day of term 75%
      • 11th through 15th business day of term 50%
      • 16th through 20th business day of term 25%
      • After the 20th business day of term 0%

    • Summer Sessions and other terms at least three weeks but less than ten weeks in length
      • 1st through 5th business day of term 100%
      • 6th through 10th business day of term 50%
      • After the 10th business day of term 0%

    • Summer Sessions and other terms less than three weeks in length
      • 1st business day of term 100%
      • 2nd and 3rd business day of term 50%
      • After 3rd business day of term 0%

    Students who have received Federal Title IV aid funding for the term: (Title IV funds include Direct Subsidized, Unsubsidized, Plus, and Perkins Loans, Pell, and SEOG Grants):

    • Federal regulations require repayment of 'unearned' aid for students withdrawing or who discontinue attending class any time prior to the 60th percentile of the term.
    • The calculation used to determine how much aid a student has 'earned' and need not repay is: calendar days completed divided by total calendar days in the term equals percentage earned. The amount to be repaid is the remaining percentage or 'unearned' percentage.
    • Federal aid is first used to pay University charges.
    • The student will be required to pay the 'unearned' aid funding not repaid by the University.

    Failure to repay will place a hold on official transcripts, diplomas, and future registration.

    Students who wish to appeal refund policies and/or percentages used for determining the refund amounts may file a “Tuition Refund Appeal”.  No refunds will be granted for less than $1.00.

    Resident Hall Refunds are based on the number of days remaining in the term. A $50.00 administrative charge will be deducted from the Housing refund. Contact the Housing and Residential Life office at 218-477-2118 or

    If you are withdrawing for military reasons, please see the University Military Withdrawal Policy. Contact the Records Office at 218-477-2565 or

    Tuition Refund Appeals

    Students who discontinue class attendance based on extenuating circumstances or some situation out of their control may file a tuition refund appeal. By filing a tuition refund appeal, students are requesting consideration for a refund of tuition and fees for a total withdrawal from the University or for individual courses dropped after the free drop/add period. Tuition refunds for graded courses cannot be considered because a grade indicates that the student has completed the course. In order to change a graded course to “W”, contact the Records Office and file an academic appeal form. If the Academic Appeal committee grants your request, you may then request a tuition refund by completing a tuition refund appeal form. Refund appeals must be submitted within 90 days of the end of the term for which a refund is requested.

    Individual Course Appeals:  Appealing an individual course may not result in a refund if student is still in the banded tuition rate (12-19 credits) unless the course has differential tuition/personal property/service charges. The differential tuition/personal property/service charge portion would be refunded if the appeal is approved. Approved appeals relating to individually dropped courses may have an impact on financial aid eligibility. Students who are concerned with the effect of an approved refund on their aid eligibility should contact the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office prior to submitting the appeal.

    Tuition refund appeal forms are available online, at Business Services, the Records Office, and the Academic Support Center. The completed form should be returned to Business Services, Owens Hall 106, along with required documentation such as a supporting statement from a doctor, counselor, university advisor/instructor(s), or job supervisor.  The appeal committee meets once a month or as demand dictates. Strict and confidential privacy regulations apply to all submitted appeals.