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  • Billing and Payments Related Policies

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  • Billing and Payments Related Policies

  • Cancellation for Non-Payment

    Registration Cancellation.  Using the Registration Cancellation process, colleges and universities shall cancel student registration for all credit courses unless one of the following conditions has been met:

    • Make a minimum payment of $300 or at least 15% down toward tuition and fees.
    • Release financial information by filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and select MSU Moorhead from the drop-down menu.
    • Contract an approved payment plan with Nelnet Business Solutions (NBS) to pay your bill in monthly installments. Sign up by going to eservices, log in and select Bills and Payment.
    • Provide a Third party authorization to MSU Moorhead Business Services (DVR, Military Assistance, Employer assistance, Employee Tuition Waiver, etc.).
    • Pay tuition and fees in full.


    Late Fees

    All accounts not paid in full by the established due date or who do not have an approved payment plan with Nelnet Business Solutions for each semester will be assessed a late fee of $50.00. Registration for any further semesters will be placed on hold.

    Collection Procedures

    NOTE TO STUDENTS: By completing registration for any semester, you agree to the financial responsibility for all charges on your student account. You promise to pay Minnesota State University Moorhead the full amount of the obligation by the due date. Furthermore, you agree to pay any and all costs, including collection, attorney, and litigation costs incurred by MSUM in efforts to collect, should you default on your account charges. 

    Each Student with a past due account will be sent a letter notifying them they have 20 days to respond or their account will be turned over to the Minnesota Department of Revenue-Collections Division.

    Students who respond within the 20 day deadline will have the option to:

    • pay their account in full.
    • set up a payment plan to pay off their account balance within one year.
    • appeal the charges on their account, or prove it is not a valid obligation.



    A Business Services hold will be placed on a student's account when they have missed the Universities payment deadline for the current term.  The University is authorized to withhold the issuance of diplomas and official transcripts and deny further registration.  Holds will remain on a student's account until their account balance is paid in full.

    NSF Checks

    A fee of $30.00 will be assessed for each check returned as NSF, non-sufficient funds or if returned for any other reason (i.e. closed account).