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  • Cost Center Activity Review

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  • Cost Center Activity Review

    Account activity needs to be reviewed periodically to ensure any errors are detected and corrected promptly. It is recommended that this review be performed at least monthly and that copies of source documents such as budget transfers, purchase orders, requisition forms, etc., are retained in a file or binder for reference and comparison.

    Persons responsible for these accounts may monitor them using Accounting on the Web. The online queries provide up-to-date information on account balances, open commitments, and transaction details needed to review a cost center.

    The common accounting reports are listed below. Sample reports with explanations are at the bottom of this web page.

    Tips for running the reports:

    • Click on the Miscellaneous tab in Web Based Accounting
    • Click on Report Search & Create
    • Enter the AC05XX Report Number, if you know it, or enter AC05 and click search
    • Click on the piece of paper that appears below “Run”
    • Enter information requested. NOTE: MSUM campus ID is 072. If the object code range is left blank, the report will pick up all payroll transactions. NEVER LEAVE ALL RANGES EMPTY – YOUR PRINTER WILL BE TIED UP FOR HOURS/DAYS!
    • You may choose to receive reports “View On-Line, printer or email address
    • Click on the REPORT STATUS tab. Click “refresh” until a piece of paper appears to the left of the report number you are running.
    • Click on paper on left side of screen.
    • Click on “View File #1”
    • AC0513 requires a fiscal year and AC0531 requires a starting date
    • AC0531 change to a ‘Y’ for Print Trans Description and Print Trans Comment