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    Paseka School of Business | PO Box 76
    MSU Moorhead
    1104 7th Avenue South
    Moorhead, MN 56563


    Center for Business 207A
    721 11th Street South
    Moorhead, MN 56563

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    College of Business & Innovation | Paseka School of Business | Computer Science & Information Systems | Mathematics Department

    Program Coordinator & Administrative Assistant

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    Vinod Lall
    PhD, MS, BS, CSCP
    Paseka School of Business
    Vinod Lall, Ph.D., CSCP is the co-chair and professor of Ope...
    Send Email | Phone: 218.477.4648218.477.4648
    Office: CB 207B
    Bonnie Baumgardner
    OAS Intermediate
    Paseka School of Business
    Send Email | Phone: 218.477.2488218.477.2488
    Office: CB207