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  • About Biosciences

    The Biosciences department is part of the College of Science, Health and the Environment (CSHE). The Biosciences Office as well as the Faculty Offices are located on the 4th floor of Hagen Hall. Classrooms and labs are located on both the 1st and 2nd floor of Langseth Hall and 4th floor of Hagen Hall.

    We have a tradition of preparing broadly-educated graduates who are highly competitive for post-graduate educational opportunities and careers. Our faculty pride themselves in offering students excellent classroom experiences and incorporating research throughout the curriculum. We also have a strong tradition of providing students with opportunities to become involved in mentored research projects outside of the classroom.

    Research Opportunities

    The Biosciences department offers students opportunities to become involved in faculty-mentored research projects. Almost all of the faculty in our department have active research labs with ongoing, interesting projects. The following information is provided to help you understand a little bit about the research process in our department:

    Why get involved in research? You will:

    • Learn how to apply what you learn in the classroom
    • Learn how the knowledge we currently have was generated
    • Learn how to formulate questions, collect and analyze data, and draw conclusions from that data
    • Learn how to present the results of your research to your peers and to other scientists
    • Strengthen your critical thinking and time-management skills
    • Gain experience working as a member of a group
    • Learn a variety of laboratory skills
    • Learn how to teach others what you've learned
    • Gain confidence in your academic and career goals
    • Get to know your professors and others in the Biosciences department better and they will get to know you!
    • Learn that there are many, many questions still to be asked!