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    Writing-Intensive courses integrate writing with course content and provide a variety of both formal and informal occasions for students to write. Formal writing may include (but is not limited to) formats and genres characteristic of a particular field, such as a review of literature, a critical essay, an executive summary, or a laboratory report. The emphasis is on the final product as a demonstration of students’ understanding. Informal writing may include (but is not limited to) project logs, writing up notes, recording personal observations, brainstorming, journals, electronic mail, or short in-class writings. The emphasis is on students’ writing-to-learn, rather than on producing a polished product. Both formal writing and informal writing assignments are spaced reasonably across the semester, rather than being one long assignment at the close of the term. MSUM students are required to take five Writing-Intensive courses before graduation.

    As of Spring 2016, all Writing Intensive Courses, whether LASC or not, are to complete the LASC/WI assessment form each semester.

    For more information about the MSUM Writing-Intensive program is available at the Writing Matters site.

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