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  • Assessment of Student Learning Policies

    1. The Program Review Sub-Committee (PRSC) of the University Assessment Committee oversees the assessment procedure at MSUM and approves all plans and reports. The PRSC reports directly to the Vice-President for Academic Affairs. Assessment of the university's general education program is done by the LASC Review Sub-Committee.

    2. Each baccalaureate, master's, specialist, or doctoral degree program will review its assessment plan and file an assessment report every year with the PRSC. It is expected that programs will routinely gather and analyze assessment data and make appropriate changes.

    3. Each program should specify a set of student learning outcomes for the students who graduate with the degree or certificate. Each program should also identify multiple measures to assess those learning outcomes. If a measure is not identified for each outcome, the program should clearly identify which are not being assessed and why. Each program will have assessed each outcome at least once during a six year review cycle. At least one assessment measure used by a program must be direct.

    4. Each degree program's list of student learning outcomes will be printed in the appropriate MSUM Bulletin in addition to the /assess website. Prior to their publication, the PRSC must approve the student learning outcomes. Any changes to those outcomes must be approved by the PRSC.

    5. The department or programmatic chair, or designee, is responsible for initiating assessment planning and reporting within the department/program. Departments and/or programmatic committees will formally approve the assessment plans and reports for which they are responsible.

    6. Additional assessments of student learning are encouraged in other areas of the university where student involvement leads to learning that can be specified in terms of measurable outcomes (e.g. the Regional Science Center). The appropriate Vice-President, Dean, or Director will determine which additional programs would be effectively served by going through the student learning outcomes assessment process.
    7. Programs that have external accreditation are required to provide PRSC with the Accredited Programs Cover Sheet and a copy of all student learning assessment reports made to their accrediting agency and response from the agency according to the agency's timeline. The Accredited Programs Cover Sheet communicates the program's learning outcomes to the PRSC for its approval. Any changes to the program's outcomes must be reported to PRSC via the Accredited Programs Cover Sheet for its approval. These programs are not required to complete any additional planning and reporting forms for PRSC. Accredited programs are encouraged to consult with PRSC as necessary and use its resources to inform their assessment procedures.
    8. Upon approval by the PRSC, each program's plan and report will be posted to the Assessment of Student Learning Website. The PRSC chair will provide regular information to the appropriate Dean or Director regarding a program's status in the assessment review cycle.

    9. The appropriate university administrator will provide a written response to the department following acceptance by PRSC of the departments' or program's assessment plan and report.

    10. Each year, the PRSC chair will provide an assessment of student learning report to the Vice-President for Academic Affairs

    Approved by APAC, 12-05
    Revised by SLOAC, 12-06
    Revisions approved by APAC, 1-07