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  • Academic Service-Learning References

Academic Service-Learning

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    Upper Midwest Civic Engagement Conference (June 12-13)


  • Binders

    • Agency Binder (Service Learning)
    • Campus Compact Resource Guide
    • Handbook for Continuous Improvement
    • Service Learning Center Sample Syllabi
    • Volunteer Opportunities A-M (Volunteer Visions)
    • Volunteer Opportunities N-Z (Volunteer Visions)
    • Basics of Service Learning


    • Community Service-Learning at Augsburg College, 1994
    • Cultivating Service-Learning: A Faculty Handbook
    • Faculty Service Learning Resource Handbook 1996-1997
    • Hendrix Health Center Resource Library 1997-1998
    • Integrating Service With Academic Study: Principles and Practices
    • Minnesota Campus Compact Resource Library, January 1997
    • MSU Social Work Field Manual


    • Title: American Association for Higher Education’s Series on Service Learning in the Disciplines
      Subject: Books on Political Science, Teacher Education, Composition, Accounting, and Nursing. Extensively discusses how to incorporate service learning into your topic. Includes sample assignments and course materials.
      Publisher: Edward Zlotkowski, American Association for Higher Education; 1997.
    • Title: Building Community: Service Learning in the Academic Disciplines
      Subject: This book attempts to provide the theoretical underpinnings and practical help for college and university professors or public school teachers who are attempting to incorporate service learning into their own disciplines.
      Publisher: 1994
    • Title: Building Community on Campus
      Subject: A compendium of practical ideas. Describes the process of community building, practical ideas, activities and programs, facilities and services, freshman programs, Greeks, leadership, staff training, and volunteer programs.
    • Title: Building Sustainable Programs
      Subject: A guide to developing and maintaining service learning at community colleges. This book uses the connection between service learning and higher education, strategies for developing and sustaining programs, examples, models, best practices, contacts, and fundraising resources.
    • Title: Campus Compact: A Season of Service
      Subject: The Project for Public and Community Service. Talks about mission, history, goals, highlights, trends, membership, grants, awards, fellowships, conferences, events, publications, and offices.
      Publisher: Campus Compact; 1996-1997, 1998-1999
    • Title: Campus Compact Service Counts
      Subject: Revitalizing literacy efforts in higher education by discussing issues and ideas, model programs, frequently asked questions, and training materials.
      Publisher: Michael Kobrin, Rachel Nadelman, Campus Compact; 1997.
    • Title: Connecting Cognition and Action
      Subject: Evaluation of student performance in service learning courses. A philosophy of evaluation in service, and a model for evaluating student learning.
      Publisher: Marie Troppe, Campus Compact; 1995.
    • Title: The Effective Management of Volunteer Programs
      Subject: A Rare Combination of Humane and Very Efficient Management Perspectives Characterize this Guide to Volunteer Management. This is a new look at volunteerism, role of a manager, motivation, organizational climate, planning and evaluation, jobs and recruitment to fill them, interviewing and placing volunteers, training, communication, and putting it all together in meetings.
      Publisher: Marlene Wilson, Volunteer Management Associates; 1976.
    • Title: Generations of Service
      Subject: Stories of Service Over the Past Years of 1985-1995. Colleges from across the United States tell their stories of how service learning has impacted their lives.
      Publisher: Campus Compact; 1995.
    • Title: Healing the Heart of the Cities - Young Voices Speak Out
      Subject: Records the experience of 16 young people, most of them of color, who share personal views on urban poverty from working in volunteer and community groups and their own experiences.
      Publisher: Campus Outreach Opportunity League; 1992.
    • Title: The (Help!) I-Don’t-Have-Enough-Time Guide to Volunteer Management
      Subject: This guide is packed with scenarios, suggestions, forms, and procedures along with volunteerism resources. It will teach about roles, boundaries, task analysis, delegation, finding your management team, structuring your team, and communication strategies.
      Publisher: Katherine Campbell, Susan Ellis, Library of Congress; 1995.
    • Title: Helping You is Helping Me
      Subject: How a new breed of volunteers can make a difference. Tells about the benefits of helping, how you can help, avoiding potholes, pioneering a dream, and quiet heroes.
      Publisher: Virgil Gulker, Servant Publications; 1993.
    • Title: How to Control Liability and Risk in Volunteer Programs
      Subject: Concrete suggestions, clear definitions, and a preventative approach to managing legal risk and liability. Talks about the liability for personal injury to a third person, liability that arises from running an organization, defenses to use if sued, protecting your organization, specific risks an organization may face, forms and checklists, and where to find more information.
      Publisher: 1992, 1998.
    • Title: Journey to Service Learning
      Subject: Experiences from independent liberal arts colleges and universities. Introduction to service learning, student reflections from the community, faculty, service and scholarships, ethics, and a service learning timeline.
      Publisher: Stephen G. Pelletier, Council of Independent Colleges; 1996.
    • Title: Project on Integrating Service With Academic Study
      Subject: Creating a climate for change: lessons leaned from the 1991-1996 Institutes on Integrating service with academic study. Building services on campus, broader and deeper institutionalization, thinking broadly about change, participating campuses 1991-1996.
    • Title: Secrets of Leadership
      Subject: Easy reading explanation of leadership and tips for successful leadership. What is leadership, characteristics of leaders, vision and purpose, motivation, empowerment, climate, systems, relationships, mentoring, and personal growth.
      Publisher: Rick Lynch, Sue Vineyard, Heritage Arts Publishing; 1991.
    • Title: Secrets of Motivation
      Subject: How to get and keep volunteers and paid staff. Motivating and volunteering, why people volunteer, facts on volunteer motivation, what turns people on and off, how to keep volunteers and paid staff, more ways to recognize people creatively.
      Publisher: Sue Vineyard, Heritage Arts Publishing; 1991.
    • Title: Service Counts
      Subject: Revitalizing literacy efforts in American higher education. The book lists trends, statistics, and research.
      Publisher: Michael Kobrin, Rachel Nadelman, Campus Compact; 1997.
    • Title: Service Learning
      Subject: A movement’s pioneers reflect on its origins, practice, and future. Touches on service learning in the past and recommended steps for the future practice emphasizing critical needs. A great way to see the continual improvements in service learning from various methods used.
      Publisher: Timothy Stanton, Dwight Giles Jr, Nadinne Cruz, Jossey-Bass Publishers; 1999.
    • Title: Service Learning in Higher Education
      Subject: Concepts and Practices. Provides basic principles for an effective service learning program specifically in short-term time constraints, ideas on how faculty can combine service learning into the regular course work, and alternative service learning options for breaks and summer vacations.
      Publisher: Barbara Jacoby, Jossey-Bass Publishers; 1996.
    • Title: Service Matters
      Subject: A source book for community service in higher education. Trends and statistics, national service initiatives, community service contracts, funding information, national organizations, more than 500 models and examples.
      Publisher: Elisha Anderson, Julia Schaffer, Campus Compact; 1998.
    • Title: Two Cases of Institutionalizing Service Learning
      Subject: How campus climate affects the change process. The history, context and development of Campus Compact’s project on integrating service with academic study.
      Publisher: Marie Troppe, Campus Compact; 1996.
    • Title: The Volunteer Recruitment Book
      Subject: Successful volunteer recruitment and membership development. Preparation, invitation, and variation before the actual volunteer recruitment.
      Publisher: Susan Ellis, ENERGIZE; 1994.
    • Title: When Community Enters the Equation
      Subject: Applying science, mathematics, and engineering through service learning. Stresses the benefits of using service learning, how to effectively incorporate it into the course work and having reflection times for the students.
      Publisher: Kathryn Ritter-Smith, John Saltmarsh, Campus Compact; 1998.
    • Title: Where’s the Learning in Service-Learning?
      Subject: Provides evidence of effective Service Learning by giving in-depth interviews of students and faculty before and after their experience. Discusses how to incorporate service learning into the curriculum and thoroughly explains the foundations of its impact by describing outcomes.
      Publisher: Janet Eyler, Dwight Giles Jr., Jossey-Bass Publishers; 1999.


    • American Heart Association
    • America Reads
    • American Red Cross
    • Americorps
    • Big Brothers/Big Sisters
    • Bridges
    • Churches United for the Homeless
    • Court Watch
    • Cultural Diversity Project
    • Eventide
    • Fraser
    • Girl Scouts
    • Holiday Clearing Bureau
    • Holiday Volunteer Opportunities for Cass/Clay Counties
    • HotLine
    • Lutheran Social Services
    • Make-A-Wish
    • March of Dimes
    • Merit Care
    • North Dakota Victim/Witness Assistance Program
    • Peace Corps
    • Plains Art Museum
    • Planned Parenthood
    • Rainbow Bridge
    • Rape and Abuse Crisis Center
    • Refugee Ministries
    • Regional Science Center
    • Ronald McDonald House
    • United Way
    • The Village Family Service Center
    • Villa Maria
    • Volunteer Visions
    • The Woman’s Center
    • Women’s Network of the Red River Valley
    • YWCA, Child Care


    • Title: Generator: Journal of Service Learning and Youth Leadership
      Subject: Another way of learning. Reflections, youth speaking out, legislation, youth service, and documentation of education reform.
    • Title: Generator: Journal of Service Learning and Youth Leadership
      Subject: Education reform and the role of service learning in this climate of change. The promise of service learning, role of service learning in education, reform, and renewal. Issue: Volume 13, Number 2, Fall 1993.
    • Title: Generator: Journal of Service Learning and Youth Leadership
      Subject: Facing the challenge. Talks about diversity, world call to service, and integrating service learning into teacher preparation programs. Issue: Volume 13, Number 1, Spring 1993.
    • Title: Journal of Public Service and Outreach
      Subject: The third mission: service and the academy. National leaders address challenges. Issue: Volume 1, Number 1, Spring 1996.


    • Campus Outreach
    • Editions of Campus Compact
    • Spotlight on Service (Service Learning/Volunteer Visions Newsletter)
    • Survey Report: American Association of Community Colleges
    • Women’s Network of the Red River Valley

    Sample Syllabi

    • Anthropology
      • Service Learning 102 Anthology Report
    • Art
      • Art 402 Advanced Art Methods
    • Business
      • MK 160 Marketing Principles
      • BA 598.01 Service Leadership Project
      • MGMT 363 The Management Process
      • MGMT 363 The Management Process (Honors Section)
      • MGT 1004 Introduction to Business
      • MIB 644 Comparative Management and Organization
      • MGT 465 Principles of Quality Management
      • MBAR 639 Organization and Management
      • CSC 151 Introduction to Data Processing
    • Economics
      • ECON 327/CORE 369 Economic Thought & Religious Values
      • LST 308 Service, Economics, and Community
      • ECON 22 Environmental and Resource Economics and Policy
    • Education
      • ED 396 The Professional Secondary Teacher
      • ED 410 Social Foundations of Education
      • EDUC 200 The Developing Person
      • ED 64 Writing Outline Summaries
      • ED35-01 Education & Social Change
      • TE 808 Inquiry Into Teaching and Learning in Classroom
      • EDUC 1100 Human Diversity
    • English
      • ENGL 357 Business Communications
      • ENGL 102 Service Learning
      • ENGL 484 Service Learning Internship
      • ENGL 484/(301) Service Learning
      • ENGL 301/(484) Writing for the Profession
      • Journalism
    • Gerontology
      • Gero 440 (01)/540 (01) Aging and Housing Options
      • Gero 440/540 Seminar: Aging and Housing Options
    • Health
      • Health 215 Health Agencies and Services
      • HSS 200 Dimensions of Wellness
    • Humanities
      • HUM 300 Service in the Community
    • Human Relations
      • Human Relations and Values
    • Justice and Peace Studies
      • JPST 250 Introduction to Justice and Peace Studies
      • JPST 472 Justice and Peace Methods and Resources
    • Language
      • Spanish 082 Composition and Conversation I
      • Spanish 202.01M Intermediate Spanish II
      • L336S Latin America: Conflicts and Cultures
    • Math
      • Math 307N-1 Applied Statistics
      • Math 107 Introduction to Statistics
      • Professionalism in Mathematics
    • Philosophy
      • Philosophy 3307 Social Justice and Community Service
      • Philosophy 3308 Social Justice and Community Service
      • PHIL 327 Philosophy of Service and Service-Learning
    • Psychology
      • PSY 356 Environmental Psychology
      • APSY 401 Applied Psychology
    • Social Work
      • SW 250 Introduction to Social Welfare and Social Work
      • SW 330 Human Behavior in the Social Environment
      • MSSW Social Work Program
      • SW 206 Social Work Profession
      • SW 269 Social Work as a Profession
    • Sociology
      • SOC 301 The City
      • SOC 211 Human Community and Modern Metropolis
      • SOC 100 Volunteer Service
      • SOC 304 A Sociology of Education
      • SOC 5115 50 Abnormal Psychology
    • Speech, Language, Hearing Science
      • SLHS 321 Articulation and Phonological Disorders
    • Religion
      • REL 221 Biblical Studies
    • Theology
      • MORL 315-01A Theology of Social Action
    • Women Studies
      • Humanities 247 Introduction to Women’s Studies
      • Citizenship Education in Women’s Studies
      • WS 148 Introduction to Women’s Studies


    • Faculty Development:
    • Roundtable Discussion of Service Learning
    • Moorhead State University
    • Today’s Heroes
    • The Hitachi Foundation
    • The Points of Light Foundation
    • National Youth Leadership Council