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  • AS-L and Faculty Duties

Academic Service-Learning

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  • AS-L and Faculty Duties 

    AS-L Center Faculty Both
    Provides orientation to Service-Learning (in class or individually)  Develops syllabus and sets learning objectives  Community site/agency selection and placement 
    Prepares agency lists for students  Assists student, if necessary, in locating appropriate community sites  Consult with site supervisor on progress 
    Gives optional introduction, mid-term assessment, and final evaluations and reflection sessions through in-class presentations  Cooperates with the Service- Learning Center by reminding students of their tasks  Reflection sessions
    Organizes and collects student information and service hour time sheets  Guides and reviews assignments   
    Facilitates students’ service placement  Assists in reflection process   
    Provides up to date information on agency contacts Evaluates service based on learning objective  
    Meets with professors regarding any questions, comments, or concerns    

    While there are basic steps to follow in order to incorporate service-learning into your curriculum, the Coordinators of the Academic Service-Learning Center are happy to accommodate to the manner or style in which you would like to use the service learning component.