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    What does 'undeclared' mean?

    You might not be ready to make that leap into picking a major yet. No worries. Almost two-thirds of freshmen come in to college without having a real idea of what they want to study, and seventy percent of all students change their major at some point in their college career--you’re just ahead of the curve!

    Some students come into college with a plan mapped out for what they want to do, but when they find out that they may not be suited for that path, it can take them several semesters to change to a different major. Undeclared majors are already in a position of self-assessment towards what they want to do. But one of the most important things an undeclared major can do is keep their minds open to new things.

    MSUM requires a general course of liberal studies (LASC) to make sure students get a diverse, interdisciplinary background in different areas of the university. Undeclared students have the option to take exploratory courses while simultaneously satisfying LASC requirements. So don’t worry about looking around a bit.

    How do I choose a major?

    Choosing a major is a process that starts with finding out what’s right for YOU. Then you can apply your preferences and skills to what majors are available for students. Then, take a look at possible careers in that field and see if they suit you.

    Your major doesn’t necessarily dictate what field you go into—after graduation, up to fifty percent of students end up changing the field or career they were majoring in during college. Many careers that require bachelor’s degree don’t specify a particular field of study. Find something you know you can do, and that you enjoy doing.

    Think about the classes you enjoyed most in high school and explore them now in college. An advisor can help you find the classes you’re interested in. But don’t be afraid to try something new! College offers many more classes than high school—some that you might not even be familiar with. This is a time to really explore your interests.

    Who will be my advisor?

    Students who have not selected a major yet will be assigned an advisor from the Academic Support Center. These advisors are especially skilled at helping you through the process of deciding on a major.