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    What does 'undeclared' mean?

    An 'Undeclared', 'University Studies', or a 'Deciding' major designation simply means you have yet to formally declare a program of study (a major) at Minnesota State University Moorhead. Almost two-thirds of first-year students come into college without having a real idea of what they want to study, and seventy percent of all students change their major at some point during their college career. Choosing a major is a process that starts with finding out what is best for YOU

    As an undeclared student, your possibilities are open, broad, and flexible. Minnesota State University Moorhead requires all students to complete the Liberal Arts and Sciences Curriculum (LASC), which provides students with a diverse, interdisciplinary background in different subjects of the institution. Your first-year schedule will consist primarily of LASC courses, and you'll have the option to take exploratory courses while simultaneously satisfying LASC requirements. Through LASC you will discover subjects and topics that you never knew existed, and you'll also discover new interests and strengths within yourself. Therefore, no worries, if you haven't decided upon a major yet. 

    Remember, your major does not necessarily dictate what career you decide to pursue. Many fields require a bachelor's degree, but do not specify a particular field of study. Declare the major that you know you can do, and that you enjoy doing! See below for assistance in exploring different major options.   

    How do I choose a major?

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      • UNIV 131 Career/Life Planning - This course is intended to help students assess their values, interests, skills and temperament and relate them to career choices. Through self-assessment and career information research, the student will be able to identify a broad base of career options and describe a variety of career goals. Students will acquire tools with which to make decisions and plans regarding major and future career choice. (1 credit).