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  • Tips for a Successful Registration

Academic Support Center

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  • Tips for a Successful Registration

    1. Holds
      Check for registration holds before your window opens. Log into E-services and click on "courses and registration" and then "Registration holds". If you have a HOLD that is preventing you from registering, visit the department that placed the hold to find out what you need to do to have it lifted. If you are not sure what the hold means, visit the ASC.

    2. Find out when your Registration Window opens
      Log on to E-services and click on "Courses and Registration" followed by "Registration Window." Make sure you select the appropriate semester.

    3. Make an appointment to see your faculty advisor
      Check the academic calendar to see when advising for registration begins each semester.
      If you do not know the name of your current advisor, log on to E-services and under "Courses and Registration" click on "View/Modify Schedule." Your advisor and current major are listed at the top of your class schedule. You may also visit the ASC to have us look up the information for you.  

    4. Print off your DARS transcript to bring to the advising session
      From the MSUM homepage, click on E-services. Log on and select "Grades and Transcripts" on the left hand side. Then select "Interactive Degree Audit Report." There is a "Printer Friendly" version that can be selected under the graphs on the left hand side of the page. 

    5. Be prepared for your advising session
      Complete a draft course schedule, making sure to include alternate courses and times in case your first choices are closed. Be prepared to talk with your advisor about liberal studies, your major, internships, graduate school, etc. 

    6. See your Advisor during Advising Time
      You will need to see your advisor to receive your registration Access Code. A new registration Access Code is assigned each semester. You need your registration Access Code to register.

    7. Get approval for any classes that require permission

    8. Be sure you know your PIN number
      If you've forgotten, go to E-services and select the "Forgot your pin/password?" option found under the "Helpful Links" on the right side of the page.

    9. Register on the web

    10. Search for a LASC course
      On the web, use the "Expand/Collapse for Advanced Search" option under Courses and Registration in E-services. Select the LASC number (1, 2, 3...) in the MN Transfer Curriculum goal box to see all of the courses that fulfill that area.

    11. Overrides
      If you have problems getting needed classes, see the following persons: Course Instructor, Department Chair, or Dean in the course area.
      If the professor gives you an OVERRIDE, you are NOT automatically registered. An override simply opens up a space for you in that class. You must go and register for that class through E-services. Use the "quick add" for registering overrides.

    12. Drop/Add Classes Online
      You do not need to use the pink Drop/Add slips to drop classes before the Withdrawal Deadline. You can do this online! CAUTION: You are able to drop classes online after the 5th day of class, but you CANNOT ADD online after the 5th day. To add classes after the Drop/Add Deadline, you must use the pink Drop/Add slips (found in the Academic Support Center or the Registrar's office). This will need the instructor's signature. To drop without penalty you will need to fill out a Student Academic Appeal form.