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  • Peer Advising Program

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  • Peer Advising Program

    The Peer Advising Program at Minnesota State University Moorhead began in 1971. It offers assistance to students, particularly freshmen, in making the best use of the academic opportunities and the various services offered by the MSUM. The program supplements and expands faculty advising services especially during New Student Orientation and Registration. The program is administered by the Academic Support Center, Flora Frick 154, 218.477.4318.

    Who is a Peer Advisor?

    Peer Advising ProgramA Peer Advisor is a well-informed student with a thorough understanding of the MSUM’s academic requirements. Peer Advisors need to be able to assist students in navigating their academic life beginning with registration at New Student Orientation and Registration. On this day, a Peer Advisor provides guidance about departmental major requirements, assists new entering students in constructing an appropriate schedule, and works closely with department faculty to keep track of updates or changes in requirements. A Peer Advisor is trained in the Liberal Arts and Sciences Curriculum (LASC), Writing Intensive (WI) requirements and is proficient in e-services to guide new students through registering.

    Why do I want to be a Peer Advisor?

    Being a Peer Advisor will enhance your leadership skills and improve your ability to communicate professionally with your peers and supervisors. Being a Peer Advisor will help you gain a broader understanding of academic life and put you in a position to influence other students through your knowledge and experiences. Developing a rapport with faculty and staff is an added benefit which could lead to meaningful recommendations for future opportunities. As an added incentive, Peer Advisors are compensated for training and get a stipend for each New Student Orientation and Registration session.

    How do I become a Peer Advisor? 

    The Academic Support Center seeks applicants for Peer Advisors from early January to mid- February of each year. Each applicant must be either nominated or supported through recommendation by an advisor, faculty member, department chair or dean. Students with completed applications will be given an interview. Selected applicants will then receive training prior to the first New Student Orientation and Registration.

    For more information, drop by the Academic Support Center in Flora Frick 154 or call 218.477.4318.