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  • Advising Expectations

Academic Support Center

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    Academic advising is designed to assist each student in the development of a meaningful educational plan that is compatible with the student’s interests, abilities, and life goals. Academic advising is an ongoing and collaborative process and requires that the student and advisor meet at least once each semester.

    Students may expect that their advisors:  

    • Have knowledge of the university curriculum requirements and are able to provide accurate information  
    • Are informed about university policies, procedures, support services, and resources 
    • Are reasonably available for consultation by having posted office hours and/or appointment times 
    • Have knowledge of career opportunities and appropriate graduate programs in their fields; and will refer the student to specialized institutional and community resources when necessary  


    Advisors may expect that the student: 

    • Will make and keep appointments  
    • Will prepare for advisor appointments by bringing their degree audit report (DARS) to the appointment and giving thoughtful consideration to life/career goals, fields of study, and personal interests 
    • Will keep his or her advisor informed when there are changes in objectives, course selection, academic plans, or progress 
    • Will maintain up-to-date personal records of academic progress and will resolve discrepancies on official grade reports and/or other university documents 
    • Recognizes that he or she bears the ultimate responsibility for the development and implementation of his or her academic plan of study, including meeting graduation requirements  

    Advisor Assignment and Changes

    Students are assigned to a faculty advisor after the time of first registration. Students can find the name of their advisors on the web. Any change of advisor may be made with the approval of the chairperson of the department in which the student plans to seek a major and must be reported on a Major/Advisor Change Form available from the Registrar's Office and the Academic Support Center.

    Student Bulletin – page 49.