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  • Academic Assistance Resource Guide

Academic Support Center

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    Academic Assistance Resource Guide

    This guide provides information about resources to help students increase academic performance and success.

    Academic Counseling

    Work one-on-one with an academic counselor to improve time-management skills and develop effective study habits. Academic counselors can also help you determine your learning style and design effective study strategies based on that style. Call or stop by the Academic Support Center to schedule a meeting with an academic counselor.


    Instructors are an outstanding resource for improving your academic performance. Meet with your professors during their office hours to discuss course material or to receive tips for learning the course content. It’s also advisable to talk to your professors about classes required for the majors they advise.


    Faculty advisors are also great resources for improving your success. Schedule a meeting with your advisor to discuss how your semester is progressing and get tips and advice for improvement.


    The librarians at the reference desk are available to help you find information and conduct research. Their motto, “please disturb,” is serious, and they enjoy helping students find the information they need. You can even take advantage of the live, online “chat with a librarian”feature, which is available during reference service hours.

    Disability Services

    Disability Services provides reasonable accommodations to students with documented disabilities which impact their ability to learn and/or participate in programs and services offered at MSU Moorhead. For additional information please see our web page.

    Academic Assistant Program (Tutoring)

    Tutoring for many courses is available on a first-come, first-served basis. You’ll work with a tutor for one hour, twice a week, to increase your understanding of course material. Visit the Academic Support Center to complete a tutor request form.

    Smarthinking (Online Tutoring)

    Allows you to study anytime, anywhere. Study your own way, at your own pace. Go to and log in with the username moorheadsmart and the password tutornow.

    Math Tutoring

    Math tutoring is available to students in a variety of different settings to best fit the needs of the student. The first step when experiencing math difficulty is to speak directly to the math professor. From there, the following options are recommended:

    Mathematics Learning Center (MA 278): Provides drop-in math support for the following courses: MATH 0052, MDEV 090, MDEV 095, MDEV 099, MATH 110, MATH 105 and MATH 127. For more information visit the Mathematics Learning Center website.

    Math Tutoring Lab (MA 383): Provides drop-in math support for higher level math courses such as algebra, trigonometry, calculus and statistics. For more information, visit the Math Tutoring Room web page.

    Students may also seek out math tutoring from the Academic Assistant Program and Smarthinking.