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  • Accuplacer Math & English Placement

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  • Accuplacer Math & English Placement

    The Accuplacer is a computer-based placement tool designed to measure reading, English and math skills and provide course placement for students entering college. Results from the Accuplacer test help students identify academic strengths and needs to assist in appropriate course selection. The Accuplacer is administered as an untimed, multiple-choice, computer-adaptive test. Students’ scores and course placements are provided to the student immediately upon completing the Accuplacer.

    The Academic Support Center (ASC) offers Accuplacer Testing for students free of charge on a first attempt and $10 for subsequent attempts. Students wishing to retake the Accuplacer may do so at any time by appointment. We recommend students wait approximately two weeks from their previous attempt to further prepare for the test. Students may take the test no more than three times in any academic year.

    Preparation and study resources for the Accuplacer Exam are listed at the bottom of this page.

    For more information or to schedule an Accuplacer testing time please contact the Academic Support Center at 218.477.4318, or stop by Flora Frick 154 to set up an appointment.

    Do you have an ACT/SAT English subscore or Accuplacer English scores?

    Any student with an ACT English subscore of ≤ 17 or SAT ERW subscore < 480 may take the Accuplacer to attempt placement into ENGL 101. 

     ACT and SAT English placement scores are valid for five years. Accuplacer English placement scores are valid for three years. 

    English Placement Information

    ACT English sub-score ≥ 26 ENGL 201
    ACT English sub-score 21-26 (SAT ERW 540+) ENGL 101 (Regular section)
    ACT English sub-score 18-20 (SAT ERW 480-539) ENGL 101  (Small class section)
    ACT English sub-score ≤ 17 (SAT ERW < 480) Requires Accuplacer Reading Comprehension and Sentence Skills tests or enroll in ENGL 099
    Reading Comprehension score ≥ 78 and Sentence Skills score ≥ 86 ENGL 101 (Small class section)
    Reading Comprehension score < 78 or Sentence Skill score < 86 ENGL 099 (Student must pass ENGL 099 with C- or better before enrolling in ENGL 101)
    ESL Accuplacer Scoring: the scores in Reading Skills, Language Usage, and Sentence Meaning combined must total 330 or above to be placed into a small class section of ENGL 101. A combined total score below 330 places a student in TEFL 104. A student must pass TEFL 104 with a C- or better before enrolling in ENGL 101 for non-native speakers of English. 


    Do you have an ACT/SAT Math subscore, Accuplacer Math scores, or MCA Mathematics score?

    Any student with an ACT Math < 19 or SAT Math < 460 must take the Accuplacer to be place into the appropriate course at MSUM. Any student who receives a college-ready benchmark on the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment (MCA) is not required to take a developmental course in that subject area. MCA Mathematics scores may be used for MATH 105 and MATH 127 placement (see links below). 


    ACT, SAT, and MCA Math placement scores are valid for five years. Accuplacer Math placement scores are valid for two years. 


    Refer to these resources to find your Math course placement:

    Accuplacer Resources