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  • B.A. Degree in Art with Emphasis in Graphic Design
  • Art & Design

  • Graphic Design

    Traditional and computer processes are utilized for in-depth studio investigations into various conceptual and technical applications towards effective visual communication. Investigations deal with one or more of the following: symbols, typography, information design, systems, 3D, visual concepts, and multimedia. Projects may include logos, brochures, CD covers, posters, magazine layouts, packaging, annual reports, and many more issues dealing with visual communications and society. Internships are required for the BFA degree. The American Institute of Graphic Artists (AIGA) and the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD) do not recognize the Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in art or design as adequate preparation for entry as a Graphic Design professional. The Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) is considered the professional and specialized degree program for entry into practice.

  • Fall 2013 Undergraduate Catalog - Official

    B.A. Degree in Studio Art - Graphic Design (120 Credits)

    Core Requirements

    ART 101 Basic Drawing I (4)
    ART 102 Basic Drawing II (4)
    ART 125 Foundation Design (4)
    ART 233 Global Art History I (3)
    ART 233M Global Art History I: Methods (1)
    ART 234 Global Art History II (3)
    ART 234M Global Art History II: Methods (1)
    ART 450 Contemporary Art, Design, and Theory (4)


    ART 203B Introduction to Graphic Design (4)
    ART 303B Graphic Design Studio (4)
    ART 304B Graphic Design Studio (4)
    ART 305B Graphic Design Studio (4)
    ART 306B Motion Design (4)

    Restricted Electives

    ART 203x Intro Studio (must be 3D) (4)
    ART 203x Intro Studio (4)
    ART 203x Intro Studio (4)
    ART 203x Intro Studio (4)
    ART 303x Intermediate (outside of emphasis) (4)
    Art History (Upper Level) (4)

    x indicates the student may select from: A-Ceramics, C-Painting, D-Printmaking, E-Sculpture, F-Photography, H-Drawing, K-Fiber/Textiles, L-Illustration, N-Papermaking.