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  • Smoking and Tobacco Use/Sale Policy

Alcohol and Other Drugs

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  • Smoking and Tobacco Use/Sale Policy

    In response to President Barden's charge of February 19, 2007, the Minnesota State University Moorhead Alcohol and College Life Committee (which addresses Alcohol and Other Drugs), researched, drafted, deliberated and officially recommends the following university policy. This version was unanimously approved by the committee on April 12, 2007. The policy was approved by President Barden on May 8, 2007.

    Smoking and Tobacco Use/Sale Prohibited
    Minnesota State University Moorhead is committed to creating a clean, safe, and healthy living, learning, and working environment, for all students and employees of the University.
    As of January 1, 2008, smoking, tobacco use, and tobacco sales (including the use or sales of smokeless tobacco products) are prohibited on University-owned, -operated, -or leased property, and in University-owned, -leased, or -operated vehicles.
    Smoking: The burning of any type of lighted pipe, cigar, cigarette, or any other smoking equipment, whether filled with tobacco or any other type of material.
    Smokeless Tobacco Products: Smokeless tobacco consists of the use of snuff, chewing tobacco, smokeless pouches, or other forms of loose leaf tobacco.
    Cessation Programs and Services:
    To ease with the transition to a smoke-free campus, in Fall 2007 and Fall 2008, Quit and Win will be made available to MSUM students and employees.
    Additionally, to support MSUM students and employees who wish to reduce and/or quit using tobacco products, a variety of tobacco cessation resources and services are available (see Tobacco-Free MSUM).
    Policy Enforcement:
    Enforcement of this policy will depend upon the cooperation of all faculty, staff, and students not only to comply with this policy, but also to encourage others to comply with the policy, in order to promote a clean, safe, and healthy environment in which to work, study, and live. The University will provide the campus community with training opportunities designed to assist and prepare students and employees to help one another comply with the policy.

    In the case of a violation, the person will be informed of the University Smoking and Tobacco Use Policy. Should that person continue to violate the policy, the aggrieved party should contact the appropriate office: for University employees, the person's immediate supervisor; for students, the Judicial Office of Student Affairs; and for those not associated with the University, Campus Security.
    Policy Exceptions:

    1. An exception for instructional purposes allows for the use of tobacco products in laboratory and classroom instruction/experiments, or artistic purposes. All research, educational, and/or artistic purposes that involve the use of tobacco on campus, must be approved in advance by the President or his/her designee. Such use must be preceded by reasonable advance notice to the public.
    2. This policy does not apply to specific activities used in connection with the practice of cultural activities by American Indians that are in accordance with the American Indian Religious Freedom Act, 42 U.S.C. sections 1996 and 1996a. All ceremonial use exceptions must be approved in advance by the President of the University or his/her designee.