Anthropology Transfer Guide

  • Inver Hills Liberal Arts AA with Emphasis in Anthropology

    to MSUM Anthropology BA

    Quick Facts: College credits applied = 60
    Gen Ed/ LASC goal areas & credits remaining = 0
    Other requirements: 60

    MN Transfer Curriculum (MnTC) / Liberal Arts and Sciences Curriculum (LASC)

    With the MnTC and goal areas completed at Inver Hills, the LASC/ MnTC is completed at MSUM.

    Goal Area Requirement Inver Hills courses Goal Area MSUM Equivalent
    Natural Sciences
    Physical Science course (4-5 cr)
    3 MnTC Goal Area 3
    ANTH 1130 Intro to Biological Anthropology 3, 10 ANTH 120 Intro to Physical Anthropology
    History/ Social Behavioral Sciences ANTH 1110 Cultural Anthropology (3 cr) 5,8 ANTH 110 Intro to Cultural Anthropology
    Requirements for Major Inver Hills Course Recommendations Goal If Applicable MSUM Equivalent
    Students must obtain a grade of C or higher Two Anthropology Courses from Following:   Electives
    ANTH 1101 Intro to American Culture 7, 8 Electives
    ANTH 1150 Intro to American Indian Culture 7, 10
    ANTH 2100 Visual Anthropology (3 cr)  
    ANTH 2130 Intro to Medical Anthropology 8, 9
    ANTH 1120 Intro to Archaeology (3cr)

    5, 7

    ANTH 115 Intro to Archaeology
    Health/ Physical Education Course AND Electives (12 cr)   Elective

    Requirements Remaining to take at MSUM (60 cr)

    Core Requirements:

    ANTH 445 Seminar in Anthropology (3)

    Choice of Emphasis Area

    Archaeology (18 cr)

    ANTH 216The Paleolithic Age (3)
    ANTH 217The Rise of Civilization (3)
    ANTH 300Archaeology (3)
    Archaeology area course (3)
    Applied Archaeology course (3)
    Upper division cultural anthropology course (3)


    Cultural Anthropology (18 cr)

    ANTH 265Language & Culture (3)
    ANTH 348Ideas of Culture (3)
    ANTH 380Traditional cultures (3)
    Cultural anthropology area course (3)
    Upper division topical course (3)
    Upper division archaeology course (3)

    Anthropology Electives (10 cr)

    Consult with MSUM Advisor for best options.

    Electives (29 cr)

    Consult with MSUM Advisor for best choices.

    ANTH 115Intro to Archaeology (3 )is required if the equivalent was not taken as part of the electives at Inver Hills.