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  • Meet Anthropology & Earth Science Graduates

Anthropology & Earth Science

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  • Meet the Graduates

  • Positions/Employers for Anthropology & Earth Science Graduates

    Adjunct Faculty Minnesota State University Moorhead
    Adjunct Faculty North Dakota State University
    Analyst Walgreens Corp.
    Anthropologist Weweni Consulting
    Archaeological Crew Chief  Kadrmas Lee Jackson
    Archaeologist Bureau of Land Management
    Archaeologist Department of Natural Resources
    Archaeologist Federal Emergency Management Agency
    Archaeologist GCM Services, Inc.
    Archaeologist Illinois State Archaeology Survey
    Archaeologist Metcalf Archaeological Consultants, Inc.
    Archaeologist/Project Manager Coastal Environment Inc.
    Archaeological researcher University of Bradford, UK
    Archaeologist North Dakota Department of Transportation
    Archaeologist The 106 Group, ltd
    Archaeologist URS Corporation, Phoenix
    Archaeologist US Forest Service
    Archaeologist Westwood Professional Services
    Assistant State Archeologist State of Minnesota
    Chief Archaeologist/Project Manager URS Corporation
    Cultural Resource Lead SWCA Environmental Consultants
    Cultural Resource Specialist Kadrmas Lee Jackson
    Cultural Resource Specialist Westwood Cultural Resource and Archaeological Services
    Director International Student Volunteers, Thailand
    Faculty Augustana College
    Faculty Beloit College
    Faculty Southeast Missouri State University
    Faculty State University of New York, Brockton
    Faculty State University of New York, Potsdam
    Faculty University of Michigan
    Forestry Archaeologist Minnesota Historical Society
    Geological Research Assistant Brown University
    Geological Research Assistant Central Washington University
    Geologist Weatherford Int.
    Geologist North Dakota Geological Survey
    Geologist/Senior Scientist Illinois Geological Survey
    GIS Consultant Wayne State University
    GIS Technician Nokia
    College Recruiter Nokia
    GIS Technician III Oklahoma Department of Transportation
    Hydrogeologist Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
    Interpreter Mille Lacs Indian History Museum
    Librarian Fargo Public Library
    Mendenhall Glacier Park Ranger
    Middle School Teacher Central Minnesota
    Middle School Teacher Imagine Renaissance Academy
    Middle School Teacher Minneapolis, MN
    Middle School Teacher Kansas City, MO
    Middle School Teacher Eastern, SD
    Mining Geologist Newmont Gold
    Owner 10,000 Lakes Archeology
    Owner Blondo Consulting, LLC
    Paid Intern Historical and Cultural Society of Clay County
    Paid Intern Mille Lacs Kathio State Park
    Principle Investigator Westwood Professional Services
    Soil Salinity Specialist Natural Resource Conservation Service
    Technician Fish & Wildlife, Kodiak AK
    Trails and Waterways Archaeologist Minnesota Historical Society
    Volunteer Peace Corps
    Volunteer Coordinator World Vets International Aid for Animals
    Wellsite Geologist Hess Global Drilling/ NCC
    Wellsite Geologist Nest Consulting Wells
  • Amanda McCracken-Butler
    Amanda McCracken
    B.A. Anthropology - emphasis in Archaeology & B.S. in Geosciences - emphasis in Geoarchaeology, 2005
    Archaeological Assistant, Illinois State Archaeological Survey, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Champaign, IL
    Currently I work full-time as the lithic analyst in the main office of ISAS. I identify, analyze and then co-write the reports on lithic material recovered from a variety of archaeological sites throughout the state of Illinois. I specialize in groundstone tools and archaeometric analysis. I am also a full-time student in the Ph.D. program at UIUC for Anthropology, focusing on the Mississippian cultures of the American Bottom region of Illinois and the central Illinois river valley. My M.A. is a provenance study on Mississippian celts (axe-heads) using trace element analysis.
  • Jayme-Job-crop.jpg
    Jayme Job
    B.A. in Anthropology – emphasis in Archaeology , 2007
    Ph.D. Candidate, Clark Fellow, Binghamton University, Binghamton, NY
    After receiving a Master's of Arts in Near-Eastern Archaeology from Binghamton University, I began working on my Doctorate in Neolithic Archaeology of the Eastern Mediterranean. Currently, I'm working to explore Neolithic cooking practices and culinary traditions from my dissertation site of Halai in East-Central Greece. As a Clark Fellow of Binghamton University, I also teach an archaeology course one semester each year and work with anthropology undergraduate students on their writing and research.
  • Jessica-Beard-crop.jpg
    Jessica Beard
    B.S. in Geosciences - emphasis in Geoarchaeology, 2008
    Resource Soil Scientist and Soil Salinity Specialist, United States Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service, Hillsboro, ND
    Serve as the technical contact for salinity and soil planning in North Dakota, working with outside conservation partners and commodity groups to develop and implement ways to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and quality of assistance available to agricultural producers and land managers. Assess current soil conditions, and evaluate various approaches to help curb the increasing spread and severity of salt affected soils.
  • Meet the Graduates - Default Image
    Natalie Petersen Menafee
    B.A. in Anthropology - concentration in Cultural Anthropology., 2011
    Research Assistant to Dr. Marietta Baba, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI
    I will be working towards completing a master's degree in anthropology with a focus on organizational culture while at MSU. I begin on August 16 and I will assist Dean Baba with various projects (including presentations, papers, and research endeavors) related to her roles as a College Dean and as a leader in the field of business anthropology.