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  • Alumni Foundation Staff

  • Aune, Dennis
    Director of Development
    Alumni Foundation

    Office: WE 7C
    Phone: 218.477.2142
    Email: Dennis.aune@mnstate.edu

    Dennis Aune is the Director of Development for the MSUM Alumni Foundation. Dennis is responsible for assisting alumni and friends of the university in fulfilling their philanthropic goals through major and planned gifts.

    Bailey, Cynthia(Cindy)
    Director of the Annual Fund
    Alumni Foundation

    Office: OW 215
    Phone: 218.477.2497
    Email: cindy.bailey@mnstate.edu

    Crouch, Joy
    Director of Development
    Alumni Foundation

    Office: OW 203H
    Phone: 218.477.2254
    Email: joy.crouch@mnstate.edu

    Joy Crouch is the Director of Planned Giving/Director of Development for the Alumni Foundation. Joy is responsible for development and implementation of materials to promote planned giving. She also provides education and assistance to individuals who wish to make legacy gifts to the university.

    Feir, Meghan
    Information Officer 3
    Alumni Foundation

    Office: WE 11C
    Phone: 218.477.2822
    Email: meghan.feir@mnstate.edu
    Meghan Feir is the Marketing and Communications Specialist for the Alumni Foundation. Meghan is responsible for managing and creating content for the website, social media and marketing needs of the Alumni Foundation. She is a writer and copy editor for the Moorhead Magazine and for all materials focused on MSUM alumni. She promotes and encourages awareness and involvement for all MSUM alumni events.

    Gustad, Carol
    Alumni Foundation

    Office: OW 215B
    Phone: 218.477.2089
    Email: carol.gustad@mnstate.edu

    Carol Gustad is the Controller for the Alumni Foundation. Carol’s responsibilities include performing all accounting and financial functions for the Alumni foundation, including maintaining financial records and fiscal controls. She also serves as the system administrator for the accounting database and as the liaison to the Investment and Finance Committee of the Alumni Foundation Board of Directors. Duties also include summarizing, analyzing, and reporting the financial activities of the Alumni Foundation to internal and external audiences, including preparation of financial statements.

    Haugo, Gary
    VP of University Advancement
    Alumni Foundation

    Office: OW 203F
    Phone: 218.477.2948
    Email: gary.haugo@mnstate.edu

    Johnson, Kristin
    Alumni Foundation
    Alumni Foundation

    Email: kristin.johnson@mnstate.edu

    Mack, Nonda
    Operation Manager
    Alumni Foundation

    Office: OW 203
    Phone: 218.477.2542
    Email: nonda.mack@mnstate.edu

    Nonda Mack is the operations manager for the Alumni Foundation. She assists the Vice President for Advancement and the MSUM Alumni Foundation Board of Directors in the general operations and management of the Foundation. Nonda helps develop the strategic plans and initiatives to improve operational activities and performance of the Foundation. She also executes human resource functions of the organization, and coordinates and manages the workings of various Alumni Foundation areas from engagement to stewardship of donors.

    Monson, Regina(Gina)
    Director of Alumni Relations
    Alumni Foundation

    Office: WE 11A
    Phone: 218.477.2244
    Email: monsong@mnstate.edu

    Gina Monson is the Director of Alumni Relations. Gina’s responsibilities include developing and implementing a successful alumni relations program; ensuring current student, new graduates, alumni, and friends are engaged in meaningful ways. Her duties also include maintaining an effective alumni communications plan, overseeing the alumni benefits program, planning university alumni relations events, and serving as liaison to the Alumni Relations Committee of the Alumni Foundation Board of Directors.

    Quinn, Ashley
    OAS Senior
    Alumni Foundation

    Office: WE 11
    Phone: 218.477.2143
    Email: ashley.quinn@mnstate.edu

    Ashley Quinn is the Project Manager for the Alumni Foundation. Ashley provides customer service to call-in, e-mail, and walk-in clientele. Her responsibilities include providing administrative support to the Alumni Foundation, overseeing student employees, and updating the Alumni Foundation database with the guidance from the Management Analyst. Duties also include the Alumni Foundation Scholarship Program and coordinating details for all Alumni Foundation owned events.

    Ringey, Leo
    Senior Director of Development
    Alumni Foundation

    Office: OW 203F
    Phone: 218.477.2423
    Email: leo.ringey@mnstate.edu

    Leo Ringey is the Senior Director of Development for the Alumni Foundation and he provides leadership and direction to the Directors of Development. Leo ensures fulfillment of university fundraising priorities such as endowment growth, naming opportunities, and facility improvements.

    Sanden, Jennifer
    Prospect Research & Management Coordinator
    Alumni Foundation

    Office: OW 203
    Phone: 218.477.5935
    Email: jennifer.sanden@mnstate.edu

    Jennifer Sanden is the Prospect Management and Research Coordinator for the Alumni Foundation. Jennifer manages donor prospect data and creates profiles for the Directors of Development and University President. Jennifer also coordinates the nominating process, manages all meetings and activities, and creates and maintains documents and records for the Alumni Foundation Board of Directors.

    Stark, Mridula
    Database Manager
    Alumni Foundation

    Office: WE 5B
    Phone: 218.477.5929
    Email: mridula.stark@mnstate.edu

    Mridula Stark is the Database Manager for the Alumni Foundation. Mridula is responsible for the management of the Alumni Foundation database and establishing guidelines for maintaining the data. She is also responsible for performing queries as requested by the Alumni Foundation staff and all University needs for analytical work and invitations and mailings. She also completes all updates and uploads for registrar’s information and new graduates.

    Walthall, Jenni
    Director of Development
    Alumni Foundation

    Office: OW 203G
    Phone: 218.477.2944
    Email: jenni.walthall@mnstate.edu

    Jenni Walthall is the Director of Development for Major Gifts for the Alumni Foundation. Jenni coordinates with the Development Team and creates and implements collaborative partnerships with businesses and community leaders regarding corporate donations.