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  • Legacy Society

    The following list of Legacy Society Members is as of September 2017.

    The Legacy Society recognizes the thoughtful generosity of those who have notified MSUM of a planned gift to the Alumni Foundation to benefit the University. Membership is open to anyone making a deferred or planned gift.

    Floyd Hans Estate
    Alfred Clair Houglum Estate
    Eino R. Aho*
    Merle * and Faye* Allen
    Arnold* and Leona* Anderson
    Ronald and Rose Anderson
    Helen M. Arbes*
    Paula and Dennis Aune
    Stephen R. Baker*
    Les Bakke
    Joe Best*
    Julien* and Joy* Burkness
    Robert and Tamara Campbell
    Kevin Cassella
    Darlene and Paul Cobian
    Katheryn Colliton*
    Marjorie Corner
    James Danielson
    Amie Dexter
    Roland* and Beth Dille
    Dorothy Dodds*
    Harold Eastlund*
    Tom Edwards and Jackie McElroy-Edwards
    Corey and Brenda Elmer
    Nellie* and Henry* Esselman
    Henry Fehrenbacher
    Sharon and Michael Ferris
    Vincent Felchle and Genie Price
    Bruce Flaig and Mary Fouassier-Flaig
    Elmer* and Violet* Fox
    Clarence* and Barbara Glasrud
    Richard C. Gompf*
    Robyn Gray
    Kenneth* and Nora* Gronhovd
    Evelyn* and Clayton* Grove
    Susan and Gordon Gruchalla
    Patricia Halverson
    Phyllis Harber
    +Gregory Harness
    Linda Hammond
    John and Sharon Haugo
    June and Harold Hayer
    Earl and Ruth Herring
    Claryce Hoff
    Delsie Holmquist*
    Charlotte Iiams
    Dennis Jacobs and Karen Branden
    John* and Florence* Jenkins
    Kenneth and Luella* Jensen
    Alyce Jermstad*
    Jean A. Johnson*
    Lyndon and Sylvia Johnson
    Sheryl and Jeffrey* Jones
    Joan Justesen
    Agnes J. Kise*
    Richard and Sharon Krabbenhoft
    Valorie and James Ladwig
    Timothy Larsen
    Beatrice E. Lewis*
    Benjamin* and Jenny Lin
    Elvina Loftness*
    Cheryl and Ronald* Lossett
    George and Alice Lukac
    David Lutes

    Larry and Marcella MacLeod
    Charles R. Magel*
    +Robert* and Eloise Maneval
    Ronald G. Masanz
    +Bobbi and Al* Mason
    Ronald Matthies
    Benjamin* and Glenrose* McCashland
    John and Emily McCune
    Roger Melvold
    Russell* and Nina* Monson
    Scott Mounger
    Albert Mudgett*
    Hazel* and Simon* Nakken
    Donovon* and Mary Nelson
    Scott and Barbara Nelson
    Jack and Lorraine Neufeld
    John Neumaier and Sally Fletcher Luther*
    Joni and David Norby
    Adeline S. Nurse*
    Sally and Sheldon* Oremland
    Nancy Parlin
    Rodney & Carolyn Paseka
    Ardy and Clair Peterson
    Larry and Mary Peterson
    Eugene A. Philipps*
    Margery* and Dewey Possehl
    Arlette and Richard Preston
    Mary A. Pryor*
    Evelyn and Brian Quigley
    Michael J. Renner*
    Robert and Sandra Roel
    Thomas R. Sand*
    Marjorie W. Sanders*
    Lois Cornell Selberg
    Roberta and Warren Shreve
    +Sandra and John Silletto
    Kenneth R. Skjegstad
    Ruth* and Thomas* E. Smith
    Terry and Rita Soine
    Janet Soohoo
    Harold and Roxanna Sorkness
    Russell Stewart
    Jean Stephenson*
    Judith A. Strong*
    Richard and Bonnie Swanson
    Avis Taft*
    Donald Teigen and Mary Ekberg Teigen*
    Mona Tedford
    Hilda* and Basil* Townsend
    Florence* and James* Vance
    Wayne* and Orlette* Waller
    Dorothy* and Robert* Walls
    William W. Wallwork, III
    Helen L. Wardeberg*
    Violette Warner*
    George Warren*
    Shelda Warren
    Howard Weiss
    Ronald and Loretta Welch
    Dan Wescott
    Webb and Peggy White
    Warren Wiese and Daniel Bach
    Charles Williams
    Franklin J. Williams*

    + New member to a lifetime giving society