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  • Dragon Networking

    Alumni representatives initiate national networking for dragons

    Alumni Rep MapLast year the Alumni Foundation kicked off MSUM Mondays at Dave’s Southside Tap in Moorhead. The first Monday of every month alumni gathered from 5 to 7 p.m. for a night of socializing, networking and fun.

    The success of MSUM Mondays inspired Gina Monson, director of alumni and development, to continue the event and look into similar offerings across the country. Monson hopes this type of event will spread across the U.S. through the help of alumni representatives. "We want alumni to know they are important and still connected to MSUM, no matter what state they live in," Monson said.

    The first MSUM Monday in Moorhead this year will be held October 3. Similar events will kickoff in several other states across the country. Each group is deciding what days, times and activities work best for them.

    "Some regional alumni groups are already talking about skiing, hiking or attending plays. The groups can really make the program what they want," said Rachel Kinneberg, Alumni Office assistant.

    The alumni events give Dragons across the nation a chance to gather for a fun evening at a local setting. For graduates moving to a new state, alumni representatives can provide advice on where to live, what grad school to attend or how to meet fellow dragons.

    "For new graduates job hunting in tough economic times, these regional alumni events provide Dragon alums a chance to network in their new community," Monson said.

    MSUM Mondays will continue at Dave’s Southside Tap in Moorhead from 5 to 7 p.m. the first Monday of the month.

    For more information, contact Gina Monson.

    MSUM Alumni Regional Reps allow you to take your adventures to a new city, where you’ll have some support along the way.

    Alumni Rep - Pam Benedict

    Pam Benedict, '67 Art
    Denver, Colorado

    Alumni Rep - Tiffany Deutsch

    Tiffany Deutsch, '05 Mass Communications
    Phoenix, Arizona

    Alumni Rep - Kris Harty

    Kris Harty, '88 Mass Communications
    Colorado Springs, Colorado

    Alumni Rep - Julian Lile

    Julian Lile, '06 Mass Communications
    Los Angeles, California

    Alumni Rep - Ryan Sylvester

    Ryan Sylvester, '98 Mass Communications & '02 Education Administration M.S.
    Washington DC

    Alumni Rep - Kristine Williams

    Kristine Williams, '01 Mass Communications & Political Science
    Chicago, Illinois