MSUM Campus Campaign

Why Should I Give?

Every dollar you give is a dollar that will support our students in one way or another. Your gift will help MSU Moorhead be a leader in student success. Not only can you support scholarships, but you can also support an educational experience that will have lifelong relevance.


"I came from a middle-class family, but my father died of kidney cancer during my freshman year of college. My mother made a modest income running an in-home daycare, but she was completely unable to help pay for college. I was only able to continue my studies because I received a very generous scholarship from a local foundation. If not for that scholarship, I may not have been able to complete my university degree. I consider it a privilege to help financially support our students in my own small way. Since others helped me, I want to pay that forward to the next generation of students." –– Justin James, Professor of Mathematics

Your Gift, Your Choice

You can designate exactly where you want your gift to go to make an impact. Here is a list of available funds.

  • Scholarships can be used to recruit high-caliber students and to provide access to a diverse group of students. Many existing scholarships are available, and new scholarship funds can be started with a $1,000 annual commitment.
  • Discretionary funding is key to enhancing the student experience through applied learning experiences, emerging technologies, and other opportunities.
  • Endowed funds can provide a lasting system of support that will continue for years to come by investing your gift and using only the earnings to provide scholarships or program support. New endowments can be initiated with a $25,000 commitment.


"Helping students succeed motivates me to come to work every day. I feel, in some little way, that MSUM allows me to help the world. I have one daughter attending school here right now and will shortly have another in college, so I am fully aware of what a financial burden it is on the student and their family to get an education. I hope that a student will be able to attend and improve their life because I gave." –– JoDee Haugrud, Database Administrator

Payroll Deduction

By signing up for payroll deduction, MSUM employees can give a little each pay period and have it add up to a significant amount by the end of the year. Anybody can also sign up for quarterly, monthly, or weekly gifts via credit or debit card. Sign up for payroll deduction. You can also print and fill out this form and send it to the MSUM Foundation Box 68 attn. Lois Wagner through inner-campus mail.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Campus Campaign

What did I give last year?
You can view your giving history online. Just log in to or create a profile to see your complete giving history. If you need to create a new account, it may take up to 48 hours for your account to be verified.

What funds can I give to?
View the available funds in this PDF.

When does my payroll deduction end?
All payroll deductions are ongoing. This means they will continue from year to year until you say stop, which you can do at any time throughout the year.

I have some more questions. Who should I call?
All questions can be directed to Cindy Bailey, the director of the annual fund for the Alumni Foundation. You can reach her at 218.477.2497 or at


The number one fundraising priority of the University continues to be scholarships. There are a number of scholarship funds that focus on everything from financial need to academic merit to artistic talent to athletic skill. Here are just a few of the available funds:

  • Founders Scholarship (need-based)
  • President's Merit Scholarship (merit-based)
  • College of Arts, Media and Communication Scholarships
  • College of Business & Innovation Scholarships
  • College of Education & Human Services Scholarships
  • College of Humanities & Social Sciences Scholarships
  • College of Science, Health & the Environment Scholarships
  • Athletics

These are a few of the many scholarship, operating, and grant funds that directly impact MSUM students. Choose how you will support our students.