Non-Degree Seeking New Student Advising & Registration

  • (If you know what course/s you wish to enroll in and do not need to speak with an advisor, you are not required to go any further as you have completed this step.)

    Class Registration for Non-Degree Seeking students is done on an individual basis to accommodate your unique needs. Please take a moment to review the essential information below to ensure a smooth and successful advising and registration experience.

    Non-Degree Seeking Student Advising & Registration consists of the following three parts:

    1. Submit the form below to indicate your desire to be contacted by an advisor to help you choose a course/s based on your desired educational goals. In order to connect you with the appropriate advisor, please list your intended education goals (ex. plan to take a biology course, want to complete a teaching licensure, etc.) in the space provided on the form.
    2. You will be contacted by an advisor to assist you in class selection in priority order based on the date in which you submitted the form below. Please be checking your email, personal and/or mnstate, as an advisor may contact you via email.
    3. Register for the recommended courses in eServices. Please refer to page 7 in the eServices Student Handbook for step-by-step instructions on how to register for your classes.
  • Non-Degree Seeking Student Advising & Registration Form

    (This can be found on your acceptance letter you received from the Admissions Office.)

    Education Goal(s):

    I plan to pursue my education goals beginning:

    • Fall:
    • Spring:
    • Summer: