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    Questions concerning transfer equivalencies from your existing college? Once you are accepted at MSU Moorhead, you will receive an official transfer evaluation. If you want a sneak peek or want to check to see if courses you’ve taken transfer to MSU Moorhead, visit Transferology.com, a multi-state online tool for students and advisors for determining course equivalencies, program requirements, and applicability of coursework when transferring between schools. Another excellent resource for transfer students is MnTransfer.org. This web site helps students with transfer planning, financial aid information, and links to additional web resources to assist you with transfer.

    Transfer credit information

    • Transferrable credits are accepted from regionally accredited institutions only. Credit earned at a non-regionally accredited institution may be evaluated if courses contain similar content to courses offered at MSU Moorhead.

    • Courses considered developmental and/or remedial (typically numbered less than 100/1000) will not transfer.

    • Technical college credits will transfer up to a block of 16 credits unless part of an articulated program; additional credits may then be granted.

    • Military credits. Courses taken through the military will be evaluated using American Council on Education recommendations. Military credit transfer for veterans and service members (VETS). A copy of the student's SMART, AARTS, or CCAF transcript is required for the evaluation.  Visit the Office of Veterans Affairs Web site for additional information on veteran’s services. 

    • Other types of transfer credits (CLEP, AP, DSST and IB). Find out if other types of credit apply toward your transfer using Transferology.com and MnTransfer.org.

    • Minnesota Transfer Curriculum. Learn about the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum.

    • Minnesota Transfer Curriculum and Dual Enrollment. Most students will need to apply to another community or technical college to complete their MnTC and additional program requirements. Contact Jim Anderson, Assistant Director of Admissions - Transfer Specialist, anderjim@mnstate.edu, 218.477.2563 to discuss your options.

    • Transfer Articulation Agreements. Learn more about Articulation Agreements.

    • MSU Moorhead transfer policies and procedures. MSU Moorhead’s credit transfer policies depend on the type of institution previously attended or program in which students are enrolled. All credits earned at any regionally accredited college or university will be reviewed for application towards the selected degree program. MSU Moorhead reserves the right to determine whether previous course work provides a suitable base for advanced study.  All students have the right to appeal credit transfer decisions.

      MSU Moorhead complies with the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system guidelines, including Undergraduate Course Credit Transfer Policy (3.21) and Procedure (3.21.1); Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (3.37.1); Transfer Action Plan; and Transfer Rights and Responsibilities (3.39).

    Transfer Appeals

    Your academic rights as a transfer student

    • A clear, understandable statement of an institution's transfer policy.
    • A fair credit review and an explanation of why credits were or were not accepted.
    • A copy of the formal appeals process.

    Process for appealing the evaluation of transfer credits:

    1. Student fills out a transfer evaluation appeal form (select option: other). Students may also include supplemental information such as a course syllabus, course description, or reading list.
    2. Department or committee will review the appeal.
    3. Student receives, in writing, the outcome of the appeal.
    4. Students whose appeals are denied by the Committee may appeal to the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs.
    5. At your request, a review of your eligibility for financial aid or scholarships.