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  • All of the Office of Undergraduate Admissions staff at MSU Moorhead is here to help you.

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    JoDee Anderson
    Admissions Processor
    Send Email | Phone: 218.477.2025218.477.2025
    Office: Owens Hall 104
    Jared Bledsoe
    Southeast Minnesota & Southern Wisconsin
    Admissions Representative
    Hello! My name is Jared, and I am the Admissions Representat...
    Send Email | Phone: 218.477.2077218.477.2077
    Office: Owens 104E
    Audrey Cloe Messner
    Assistant Director of Transfer Admissions
    Hi! My name is Audrey and I am a graduate of MSUM's Counseli...
    Send Email | Phone: 218.477.2559218.477.2559 | Cell: 218.304.7676218.304.7676
    Office: OW 101C
    Lindsey Guajardo
    Communications Coordinator
    Hello, my name is Lindsey and I grew up in Buffalo, MN. I mo...
    Send Email | Phone: 218.477.2015218.477.2015
    Office: OW 104
    Madison Halterman
    South Dakota & Western Minnesota
    Admissions Representative
    Hi, I'm Madison! I am originally from Omaha, NE and have liv...
    Send Email | Phone: 218.477.2548218.477.2548 | Cell: 218.492.7123218.492.7123
    Office: OW 104H
    Erin Haugen
    Admissions Processor
    Hi! My name is Erin Haugen. I am from Hawley, MN. I process...
    Send Email | Phone: 218.477.2163218.477.2163
    Office: OW 102
    Samantha Howard
    Transfer Admissions Representative
    Send Email | Phone: 218.477.2443218.477.2443 | Cell: 218.304.7759218.304.7759
    Office: OW 101B
    Alison Kavanaugh
    Assistant Director of Data & Operations
    Send Email | Phone: 218.477.2591218.477.2591
    Office: OW 104
    Mackenzie (Kenzie) Kruta
    Admissions Representative
    Hello! My name is Kenzie, and I’m the Admissions Representat...
    Send Email | Phone: 218.477.2162218.477.2162 | Cell: 218.304.7786218.304.7786
    Office: OW 104
    Israa Marchand
    Office Manager
    Hi I’m Israa and I am the Office Manager for Admissions. I g...
    Send Email | Phone: 218.477.2929218.477.2929
    Office: OW 104M
    Shannon Powell
    Campus Visit Coordinator
    Send Email | Phone: 218.477.2164218.477.2164
    Office: OW 104
    Thomas (Tom) Reburn
    Director of Undergraduate Admissions
    Send Email | 218.477.2549218.477.2549
    Office: Owens 104F
    MaKayla Schroeder
    Northwest Minnesota & North Dakota
    Admissions Representative
    Hi, I’m MaKayla! I’m the Admissions Representative who gets...
    Send Email | Phone: 218.477.2919218.477.2919 | Cell: 218.304.7646218.304.7646
    Office: OW 104G
    William Shelton
    Admissions Representative (Twins Cities Based)
    Hello, I’m Will, the admissions representative for the Twin...
    Send Email | Phone: 218.979.0585218.979.0585
    Jamie Wepking
    Asst. Dir. of Admissions - Campus Visit and Events
    Hello! My name is Jamie; As the Assistant Director of Admiss...
    Send Email | Phone: 218.477.2564218.477.2564
    Office: OW 104
    Scott Westby
    Cass & Clay Counties & Out-of-Region
    Admissions Representative
    Hello! My name is Scott and I grew up in a small town of 200...
    Send Email | Phone: 218.477.2503218.477.2503 | Mobile: 218.304.7769218.304.7769
    Office: OW 104D
    Arinola (Arin) Wuraola
    Transfer Admissions Representative
    Transfer Admissions Representative
    Hi! My name is Arin Wuraola and I am originally from Nigeria...
    Send Email | Phone: 218.477.2014218.477.2014 | Mobile: 218.304.7762218.304.7762
    Office: OW 101A