Non-Degree Seeking Student

  • Admission Requirements

    Completion of a high school diploma or GED is required to be a non-degree seeking student.  

    Non-Degree Eligibility

    You should complete a Non-Degree Seeking application if you plan to:

    • complete a certificate program
    • complete courses to transfer back to your current institution

    Non-degree seeking students are not eligible for federal financial aid. For more information about covering your tuition costs, learn more about payment plans and loans here.

    To see our up-to-date course offerings before applying, review the course schedule

    Course Registration Process

    Wondering how the non-degree course registration process works before applying?  Follow the steps below to check out our course offerings and registration process. 

    1. Check course availability and dates 
      • If you are an admitted Non-Degree student, login using your StarID
    2. Some courses may require a pre-requisite or have a hold for initial registration.  You can see these details in the course notes.
    3. For more information on how to register for your course, follow our eServices guide, page 6