International Students Starter Pack Program

  • MSUM International Student Services offers a program called the Starter Pack Program for our new international students. We know when you are traveling it is very hard to pack everything and limit to one or two suitcases. However, we offer this program to make you feel less stressful when packing. If you wish, we can purchase certain necessary items for you before you arrive at MSUM. This way you will have more space in your suitcases to bring other necessary items, and once you arrive at MSUM you do not have to worry about not having a pillow or blanket, and not worry about doing your shopping right after you arrive after a very long and tiring journey.

    Purchases will be added to your semester bill. Once you submit this starter pack form online, please confirm your order by emailing International Student Services.

    Please submit the starter pack form on or before August 5 for Fall semester and January 1 for Spring semester.

    Student Information

    Gender (Female/Male):



       Total package is approximately $88 charged out to your school account.