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Freshmen Admissions

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  • Freshman Admission Requirements

    Freshman Admission

    Students who have graduated from high school or completed the GED and who have not attended a post-secondary institution since completing their high school education are classified as freshmen in the admission process. Students who may have attended post-secondary institutions while still in high school are also classified as freshmen in the admission process. International/non-immigrants: see International Students/Non-immigrant Admissions.

    Freshman Application Procedures

    Applying for admission and financial aid are two separate procedures. Prospective students MUST complete the appropriate applications for each office. Freshman applicants are required to submit the following to the Office of Admissions:

    • Application for Admission
    • $20 non-refundable Application Fee
    • Official High School Transcript or Official GED Scores
    • ACT or SAT scores

    Applicants should request that their high school send an official transcript to the Admissions Office at the time of application. Students must also have a final transcript sent after graduation. FAX (facsimile) copies are not considered official. If transcripts are not in the same name as the application (due to a legal name change), it is the responsibility of the applicant to have the name corrected on the transcripts so that the application and transcripts can be matched. Students wishing to begin classes in the fall are encouraged to apply for admission as early as the previous fall. Once the application is complete, notification of the decision will be mailed within two weeks.

    Freshman Admission Requirements

    High school graduation or the GED and the following qualifications are necessary for automatic admission to MSUM.

    1. A composite ACT score of 21 or higher
      A composite ACT score of 17-21 (inclusive) and either:
      • A high school class rank at the 50th percentile or higher, or
      • A high school cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher

    2. Complete Preparation Standards as described below. New entering freshmen who have met preparation standards for university admission in their respective states will be deemed to have met Minnesota preparation standards.
      • 4 years of English (including composition and literature)
      • 3 years of mathematics (two years of algebra, of which one is intermediate or advanced algebra, and one year of geometry)
      • 3 years of science (at least one year of a biological and a physical science and at least one course including significant laboratory experiences)
      • 3 years of social studies (including American history and at least one course that includes significant emphasis on geography)
      • 2 years of world language
      • 1 year of world culture or the arts 

    Students who do not meet the requirements for automatic admission will still be considered for admission under our individual review process. Under individual review, a student’s application is evaluated based on the strength of the student’s high school academic record. Additional information may be requested before an admission decision is rendered.

    Students who are denied admission have the opportunity to appeal the decision by completing the Admission Appeal Form.