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    That’s OK!

    Check out Focus 2 (access code: Dragons) to take personal and career self-assessments to match your interests, strengths and goals with career possibilities. Unlike other assessment tests, it even lists the majors at MSUM that match your career interests, helping you to figure out what you might want to major in. We are certain you’ll discover a program, and career, that uniquely fit you.

    It’s a great tool so come back often. As you discover new things about yourself your results may change.

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    Know your major (sort of)?

    Kudos! If you have some ideas about your major, take a look at our Academics page. You’ll find a variety of majors, discover interesting options, and maybe uncover some hidden interests. (Remember, it’s OK to change your major!) On the majors pages, Meet the Students to hear about their MSUM experience.

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