Dragon Ambassadors

  • Our Dragon Ambassadors are official student representatives who have been in your shoes and know how difficult it is to decide which college to attend. They also know how great it is to be a Dragon! They’ll answer all your questions about MSUM.

    Aishat Olowoshile - Dragon Ambassador
    Aishat Olowoshile

    Geology & Computer Science
    Lagos, Nigeria

    Ali Hoffman - Dragon Ambassador
    Ali Hoffman

    Athletic Training
    Sioux Falls, ND

    Anna Jimmit Njie - Dragon Ambassador
    Anna Jimmit Njie

    Computer Information Systems
    Banjul, Gambia

    Ashley Skalsky - Dragon Ambassador
    Ashley Skalsky

    Mathematics & Math Education, and Teaching English as a Second Language
    Thief River Falls, MN

    Austin Selvig - Dragon Ambassador
    Austin Selvig

    Spanish Education and a Minor in Psychology
    Thief River Falls, MN

    Bailey Schumann - Dragon Ambassador
    Bailey Schumann

    Speech Language Hearing Science
    Carrington, ND

    Bailey Weston - Dragon Ambassador
    Bailey Weston

    Speech Language Hearing Science
    Fargo, ND

    Caitlin Fisher - Dragon Ambassador
    Caitlin Fisher

    Communication Studies
    Fargo, ND

    Carly Leavell - Dragon Ambassador
    Carly Leavell

    East Asian Studies
    Lincoln, MN

    Cassandra (Cassie) Andress - Dragon Ambassador
    Cassandra (Cassie) Andress

    Speech Language Hearing Science
    Hettinger, ND

    Chidubem Neula Enebechi - Dragon Ambassador
    Chidubem “Nuela” Enebechi

    Speech Language Hearing Science
    Abuja, Nigeria

    Elizabeth (Ela) Jaeger - Dragon Ambassador
    Elizabeth (Ela) Jaeger

    Graphic Communications and Minors in Spanish and International Business
    Hutchinson, MN

    Evan Carlson - Dragon Ambassador
    Evan Carlson

    Britton, SD

    Gabrielle Williams - Dragon Ambassador
    Gabrielle Williams

    Chemistry, Minor in English
    San Diego, CA

    Hannah Su Ann Lee - Dragon Ambassador
    Hannah Su Ann Lee

    Project Management and Minors in Psychology and Operations Management
    Johor Bahru, Malaysia

    Hannah Moerke - Dragon Ambassador
    Hannah Moerke

    Art Education
    Brookings, SD

    Isaac Skalsky - Dragon Ambassador
    Isaac Skalsky

    Chemistry & Physics Education
    Theif River Falls, MN

    Jenna Britz - Dragon Ambassador
    Jenna Britz

    Courtland, MN

    Jessica Colby - Dragon Ambassador
    Jessica Colby

    Multimedia Journalism
    Anoka, MN

    Josephine Huboda - Dragon Ambassador
    Josephine Huboda

    East Bethal, MN

    Karissa LaMont - Dragon Ambassador
    Karissa LaMont

    Communication Studies and a Minor in Leadership
    Villard, MN

    Katie Petersen - Dragon Ambassador
    Katie Petersen

    Elementary Education
    Fergus Falls, MN

    Kelly Taffee - Dragon Ambassador
    Kelly Taffee

    Speech Language Hearing Science
    Ortonville, MN

    Maycelle (Macie) Miller - Dragon Ambassador
    Maycelle (Macie) Miller

    Project Management
    Mound, MN

    McKenna Togstad - Dragon Ambassador
    McKenna Togstad

    Chaska, MN

    Nataly Shields - Dragon Ambassador
    Nataly Shields

    Elementary Education with Special Education
    Eden Prairie, MN

    Rachael Stroh - Dragon Ambassador
    Rachael Stroh

    Social Work & Anthropology
    Tappen, ND

    Rachel LaForce - Dragon Ambassador
    Rachel LaForce

    Little Falls, MN

    Rebecca Benjamin - Dragon Ambassador
    Rebecca Benjamin

    Project Management and Minors in Leadership, SPED and Psychology
    Northfield, MN

    Rojina Amayta - Dragon Ambassador
    Rojina Amayta

    Computer Information Systems

    S Nafisa Mahabub - Dragon Ambassador
    S Nafisa Mahabub

    Dhaka, Bangladesh

    Shannon Galegher - Dragon Ambassador
    Shannon Galegher

    Biology: Pre-Dental
    Thompson, ND

    Taimoor Saati - Dragon Ambassador
    Taimoor Saati

    Broadcast Journalism w/ Minors in Mass Communications and Business Administration
    Islamabad, Pakistan

    Tony Santos - Dragon Ambassador
    Tony Santos

    Healthcare Administration
    Dilworth, MN

    Whitney Welder

    Biology: Pre-Medicine
    Wahpeton, ND