Dragon Ambassadors

  • Dragon Ambassadors serve as the representatives of MSU Moorhead. We represent MSUM to prospective students, our campus community, and the surrounding community. Dragon Ambassadors represent MSU Moorhead in all actions.

    • Dragon Ambassadors are positive reflections of the MSUM campus community and student body.
    • Dragon Ambassadors are student leaders. Valuing MSUM’s mission, values, and willing to serve MSUM.
    • Dragon Ambassadors are engaged volunteers for the betterment of MSUM and their peers.
    • Dragon Ambassadors are the face of MSUM in all actions, behaviors, and words.
    • Dragon Ambassadors participate in the Student Leadership Program to assist prospective students as they explore their college options through campus tours and all campus visits.

    Dragon Ambassador Student Leadership Program Benefits:

    • Customer service, group and public speaking, advocacy, opportunity to engage with valued alumni and campus guests, opportunity for growth and enhanced skills.
    • Whether directly related to our major or future career, these skills will inherently improve as an Ambassador.

    The Office of Admissions is responsible for building a campus community of students who reflect the mission and values of MSUM. Together with Dragon Ambassadors, the Admissions Office provides a welcoming and inclusive opportunity for prospective students and their guests to visit MSUM.


    Abbey L. - Dragon Ambassador
    Abbey L.

    Communication Studies emphasis in Event Planning and Promotions
    Leadership Minor
    Michigan, ND

    "I’m proud to be a dragon because MSUM’s core values a line so well with my personal views. It’s so amazing to be a part of a community that is driven to watch students of our university succeed and grow together or individually."

    Alexandra G. - Dragon Ambassador
    Alex G.

    Bismarck, ND

    My favorite spot on campus is the Comstock Memorial Union because of all the time I spend there and the memories I have made throughout the years. I have spent countless hours doing homework, going to activities, hanging out with friends, attending and running meetings, and most importantly laughing in the CMU.

    Alise I. - Dragon Ambassador
    Alise I.

    Elementary Inclusive Education
    Teaching Endorsement in Communication Arts and Literature (5-8)
    Eagan, MN

    I love my major because it's been a dream career for me since I was little. Being able to pursue an Education degree here has been the best experience of my life and there's so many opportunities for future teacher's here that MSUM offers.

    Ana P. - Dragon Ambassador
    Ana P.

    Teaching English as a Second Language and Spanish Education
    Long Lake, MN

    Austin S - Dragon Ambassador
    Austin S.

    Lead Ambassador for Recognition & Engagement

    Psychology and Sociology
    Thief River Falls, MN

    I am currently involved with National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH), Residence Hall Association (RHA), and Dahl-Ballard Area Council. I also serve as a Resident Assistant (RA) and as the lead Dragon Ambassador for Recognition and Engagement. I choose to participate in these organizations and serve in these roles because they allow me to give back to the MSUM community and make a positive impact on the lives of my peers.

    Bethany L. - Dragon Ambassador
    Beth L.

    Graphic Design
    Advertisement Minor
    Little Falls, MN

    I'm proud to be a Dragon because Dragons are full of fiery passion and heart.

    Briz S. - Dragon Ambassador
    Briz S.

    Business Administration: International Business
    Accounting Minor
    Chaska, MN

    I love my major bacause it allows you to learn world wide perspectives.

    David H. - Dragon Ambassador
    David H.

    Integrated Advertising and Public Relations
    Sports Communication Minor
    Sauk Rapids, MN

    I'm proud to be a Dragon because of all the great people that come from it and impact the lives of so many each day. I'm proud of what I've learned and what I will be able to give back because of MSUM.

    Emma B. - Dragon Ambassador
    Emma B.

    Social Work
    Milnor, ND

    I love my major because it provides me with the opportunity to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves.

    Hannah P - Dragon Ambassador
    Hannah P.

    Athletic Training and Exercise Sciences
    River Falls, WI

    I’m proud to be a Dragon because our campus takes such pride in diversity and making everyone feel included and welcomed, while simultaneously offering a unique educational experience for each student.

    Jake P. - Dragon Ambassador
    Jake P.

    Math: Actuarial Science and Criminal Justice
    Finance and Statistics Minor
    Rogers, MN

    I'm proud to be a Dragon because of the inclusive community and the support of all the faculty for us students to try new things and achieve.

    Jenna B - Dragon Ambassador
    Jenna B.

    Lead Ambassador for Training & Development

    Studio Art: Photography and Communication Studies
    Leadership Studies Minor
    Courtland, MN

    My favorite spot is the printmaking room in the CA. It's fun to hang out with my friends and just create art! It creates a real sense of community.

    Joe L. - Dragon Ambassador
    Joe L.

    Health Services Administration
    Morovia, Liberia

    I am proud to be a Dragon because of the diverse student population.

    Kylie M - Dragon Ambassador
    Kylie M.

    Speech Language Hearing Sciences
    Special Education Minor
    White Bear Lake, MN

    I am proud to be a Dragon because I get to be a part of a community that is some much bigger than myself.

    Lauren L. - Dragon Ambassador
    Lauren L.

    Elementary Inclusive Education
    Little Falls, MN

    I'm proud to be a Dragon because MSUM values academics and well as personal growth! This University pushes you to be the best you can be.

    Leticia E - Dragon Ambassador
    Leti R.

    Spanish Minor
    Limeira SP, Brazil

    I love the campus mall area! Because in the spring it is really fun to hang out there but it is also very pretty during the winter!

    McKenna T - Dragon Ambassador
    McKenna T.

    Art Minor
    Chaska, MN

    I love the tight-knit community and all of the friends I've made here. I am also constantly challenged in my classes by my professors and peers to get the most out of my education.

    Megan H - Dragon Ambassador
    Megan H.

    Speech Language Hearing Sciences
    Special Education Minor
    Rochester, MN

    I love how I am able to help individuals every single day. I am able to work one on one with clients to perfect their speech, language, and hearing. It is such a rewarding field and it will be amazing to see the positive changes happen over time with my clients.

    Mikayla K. - Dragon Ambassador
    Mikayla K.

    Communication Studies
    Chemistry Minor
    Watertown, SD

    I love my major because we get the opportunity to build strong relationships and explore individual and group research that we are genuinely interested in.

    Mohamed-Nadir M - Dragon Ambassador
    Nadir Y.

    Business Administration: Marketing
    Willmar, MN

    I'm proud to be a Dragon because of the opportunities MSUM gives me. Meeting new people and just being part of close knit community.

    Sarocha P - Dragon Ambassador
    Peem P.

    Lead Ambassador for Recruitment & Marketing

    Business Administration emphasis in Management
    Economics Minor

    I have a passion for business and I see many opportunities lie ahead with the mix of business and economics. I couldn't imagine myself doing anything else.

    Rebecca R. - Dragon Ambassador
    Rebecca R.

    Lead Ambassador for Event Planning & Coordination

    Grand Forks, ND

    My favorite spot on campus is the Sun Garden Lounge in the CMU. It is my favorite spot to study and hangout with friends. I just love how bright it is during the day.

    Sara D. - Dragon Ambassador
    Sara D.

    Elementary Inclusive Education
    French Minor
    Fargo, ND

    I'm proud to be a Dragon because of the incredible community MSUM has and support I recieve from everyone on campus. Dragons are resilient and I am proud to be part of such an amazing family.

    Sarah W. - Dragon Ambassador
    Sarah W.

    Speech Language Hearing Sciences
    Alexandria, MN

    I love my major because of the professors we have and access to an active clinic on campus.

    Van F. G. - Dragon Ambassador
    Van F.G.

    Elementary Inclusive Education
    Coaching Minor
    Detroit Lakes, MN

    I am proud to be a Dragon because of the support I recieve from faculty and peers that allow me to learn and grow as a person.

    Whitney W - Dragon Ambassador
    Whitney W.

    Graduate Student
    Wahpeton, ND

    I'm proud to be a dragon because I come from a legacy of dragons. Both my parents, plus quite a few members of my extended families are dragons. I also know I'm getting a quality and competitive education.